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Antique automobiles stolen from Arkansas own family

LINCOLN COUNTY, Ark. (KARK) – (11/27/2018) A Lincoln County, Arkansas circle of relatives is seeking out the human beings they say stolen vintage Ford Model A cars from their late father’s home. Detectives with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office say it happened on Highway 212 just out of Star City’s doors a few weeks ago.
Monica King says her dad Mickey Drake had a knack for cars, and they don’t understand why someone could take them. “It makes you sense empty why would someone take something that failed to belong to them,” says King.

The motors have been exceeded down to her since her father died in 2010. “One was a 1929 Ford A Model, and the other becomes a 1931 Ford A Model,” says King.
The automobiles have been more than eighty years vintage. “They were in quite an excellent condition,” says King. “It wasn’t an excellent feeling. You understand they have been here since the early or late ’70s, and he died in 2010.”

King lives across the road from her father. Now, broken trees and trampled grass are all this is left. “They had to take a tittle bit of time to get them out. It wasn’t a five-minute venture,” says King. With the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, John Fallis says they’re staying on athepinnacle of the case. “We’ve been given numerous leads which have come in and several man or woman’s of the hobby,” says Fallis.

LCSO says the vehicles are worth approximately $50,000. King says they have been extra than just cars. “I don’t know if you may position a price on them. They may be greater sentimental than they’re the price. I suggest it is what all people could need to give for them. I do not know if they could have a dollar cost.” says King. The own family is presenting a $1,000 praise for records leading to an arrest and the vehicles’ go back. If you realize something that could help investigators with this case, call the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office at (870) 628-4271

Elaine Howell
Elaine Howell
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