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Auto elements keep robbers caught, convicted

WHITE BEAR LAKE — In November 2017, O’Reilly Auto Parts on County Road E was robbed, and an employee at the store shot his firearm in self-protection as the robbers fled. The theft became part of a string of six auto components that kept robberies in the Twin Cities metro starting earlier that summer season, in keeping with United States Attorney Erica H. MacDonald.

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The case changed into federal because the four guys charged and convicted violated the Hobbs Act, which relates to theft affecting interstate commerce, in step with the District of Minnesota U.S. Attorney’s Office. Since many O’Reilly Auto Parts stores, an interstate chain, had been robbed, the case went before a federal jury in Minneapolis on the quit of January.

The jury observed Tony Lendell Reed, 32, of Tennessee, responsible for six counts of interference with trade by robbery on Feb. 1. Three other guys have also pleaded guilty to Hobbs Act robbery in the case. Orlando Lorenzo Harris, 36, of Minneapolis, pleaded responsible to two counts of Hobbs Act robbery. Derf Reglan Rahine Reed, forty-six, of Chicago, pleaded guilty to at least one remember. Tyrell Dandre Campbell, 24, of Minneapolis, pleaded responsible to at least one be counted.

The White Bear Lake Police Department helped look into the theft in White Bear Lake. Two guys wearing masks entered the shop just earlier than the ultimate time at 2027 County Road E, in line with Press information. They detained three employees inside the lower back room of the shop, displayed a weapon, and fled with the money. The employee who escaped the ties and fired at them as they ran away became lawfully in possession of a small-quality handgun.

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension DNA-tested zip ties utilized in some of the alternative robberies. According to a criminal criticism filed in U.S. District Court, the effects had been linked to Reed. The Minnesota FBI received name facts from Reed’s cellular phone thru a court docket order. Federal investigators constructed their case around the cellular cellphone information, which showed it near each robbery.

On Nov. 29, one of the defendants requested citizens in White Bear Lake to use their mobile telephone because he was going for walks from gunshots. The witnesses said he had emerged from the woods sweaty and blanketed with leaves. They allowed him to apply for their cellular phone. Cell cellphone records confirmed he was known as the identical variety that had been known as his cellphone minutes earlier. Officers located cash alongside the route among the store, and in which he emerged from the woods.

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