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Boot Camp endorsed in the robbery of motorcycles

Boot Camp has been recommended for a 24-12 months-vintage Gillette guy worried about the robbery of 3 motorcycles inside the closing 18 months — all of which he spray-painted to conceal their identities.

Thomas L. Cooper was given three consecutive sentences of 30 to 60 months in jail for robbery and two counts of concealing or removing stolen property and fined $10,000 on each count. District Judge John R. Perry advocated he is located inside the Youthful Offender Program in Newcastle (Boot Camp) for the crimes. It started in September 2017 when the proprietors of a stolen dust motorbike diagnosed it as being advertised on Facebook and arranged to satisfy him to buy it.


The dad whose daughter’s $1 hundred dirt motorbike was stolen met with Cooper at 12:30 p.M. on Sept. 10, 2017, at 711 Express Drive. Cooper had the dusty motorcycle, which had been spray-painted to change its coloration, within the again of his pickup and became looking to sell it for $three hundred, in keeping with court documents.

The guy verified that the VIN was similar to his daughter’s dirt bike and then tried to stall until police arrived with the aid of haggling over the rate. He told Cooper he’d buy it for $200 coins because of all the cash the ATM might deliver him. When police pulled up a couple of minutes later, they blocked the truck from at the back, and Cooper, who was status in the mattress of the car, jumped down and took off running as soon as he saw the officer in step with the affidavit.

Police used a stun gun to stop him. However, he persisted in being uncooperative. In addition to concealing stolen assets, Cooper was accused of interference with a peace officer, which earned him a 180-day prison sentence to be served before the felonies. While Cooper was in prison on that charge, a Gillette guy obtained a cellphone call from Cooper’s sister asking him to shop for a motorcycle. After it changed into dropped off, he was known as police because tiecamepeculiar that the motorbike had been spray-painted white and that its intended owner, Chad, had hanged in prison.

It emerged that the bike, a blue and white 2003 Yamaha worth $1,250, had been suggested stolen. Son ept. 1. Hilltop Drive’s proprietor stated that he had leaned against the east aspect of his trailer house on Aug. 30, 2017, and determined it was missing on Sept. 1, 2017. At the prison, Cooper told deputies that he’d been advised about the bike and that he had a woman pressure him there and drove off with it, later spray-portray it white, in step with court files.

In the maximum recent case, Cooper was charged with concealing stolen assets after deputies went to his house on July 21 to serve a legal warrant because he’d been seen driving a small motorbike up and down the road. No one replied to the door, and as deputies had been on foot again to their car, they saw him on foot across the nook pushing a small bike. When he saw the officials, he grew around, dropped the bike, ran, and jumped a fence. A deputy caught him and arrested him, in step with court docket documents.

They checked out the motorbike, and the VIN got here returned as stolen a month in advance. The $1,2 hundred pink Apollo had been spray-painted black and white with a couple of stickers. Deputies found spray paint outlines that matched the motorbike outlines in the residence’s backyard in keeping with court files.

Cooper also changed into charged with and pleaded responsible to interference with a peace officer, a misdemeanor, for strolling from deputies, each of which earned him a hundred and eighty-day sentences in prison, to be served concurrently with the other interference price with a credit score for 156 days filled. Perry additionally assessed him $2,480 in costs and ordered him to pay $1,026 in restitution.

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