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Cars, motors and greater motors at Hastings vintage display

Hastings hosted more than one hundred fifty vehicles from owners residing inside Northumberland County and passed on the eighth Antique and Classic Car Show throughout its latest Waterfront Festival. “We began this show to feature a Sunday occasion to the Waterfront Festival,” said John Galt, automobile show convener. “Hastings is a brilliant imperative region for this display; many classic automobile owners live nearby, and the waterfront right here makes a stunning setting for the event.”

Fred and Arlene Carr, owners of a 1956 Meteor Rideau Sunliner, are veterans of car indicates. “I turned inside the cattle business, showing cows, and after I retired, I started showing vehicles,” stated Fred Carr. “I even have always cherished automobiles, and I usually desired a Meteor because it is uncommon, made in Canada, and it has three hues in its authentic paint. I searched for it for a long, long term and observed itfour4 years in the pas,t and we’ve had it restored.”

“We enjoy coming to indicates like this,” introduced Arlene. “We see our buddies at many of thosesuggestions ande have a wonderful time with them.” Another veteran of automobile shows, Walt Basel, who owns a 55 Chevrolet Bel Air, stated, “I have usually been a car man. My dad became a mechanic, and I love running on automobiles too.” When requested why he got this automobile, “Car collectors return to the cars they favorite once they were more youthful. I always desired a Bel Air and am proud to personal it today.”

The automobile show provided ten trophies as follows:

People’s Choice — James Fudge of Hastings with a 1964 T-Bird.

Class — Nineteen Fifties-Walt Besel of Peterborough with a 1955 Chev Bel Air.

Elaine Howell
Elaine Howell
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