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Geraint Thomas explains how to buy a brand new bike

Thinking about getting returned within the saddle? Or shopping for your first bike for the commute? GQ’s Tour De France-winning biking columnist Geraint Thomas guides you via the perils and pitfalls of choosing your wheels.

Electric bikes are a notable manner to get into cycling. It’s loads less difficult. Obviously, as a pro bike owner, we wouldn’t use them, but when I turned down in Nice, I bear in mind one of my associates’ girlfriends changed into one. We have been going up this climb and noticed this differently seasoned cyclist about one hundred meters up the road. My friend’s girlfriend went off, past him, stated a cheery, “Morning!” and basically cracked him mentally. It makes it lots easier going uphill.

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But they’re lots heavier as properly, so it’s proper that you’ve got that extra raise for going up a hill. On flat roads, you don’t really need to have it on – and on a few electric-powered motorcycles, you can modify how a whole lot it enables. You can start it at 30-extraordinary percent, then because it receives harder, crank it up. It’s a great way for people to begin getting into it because fitness is unique. For me, if I all of a sudden start running, I can’t stroll for 3 days.

Even though I’m a professional bike owner, it doesn’t mean I can do any staying power recreation without delay. So you want to get used to something. There’s no factor in leaping on the street right now and looking to do 50 miles. It’s grade by grade. And so I assume for a first-timer, an electric-powered bike could, without a doubt, assist.

You don’t need to spend lots on your first road motorcycle.

If you’re buying a regular avenue bike, how a lot you spend virtually simply relies upon how much you’re going to trip it and what sort of you’ve were given to spend. I’ve ridden Pinarello given that 2010 and love them. They are light, carry out well, and dependable. But that’s at the very top of anyone’s finances. If you spend £500, then all the bikes in that variety are comparable, and if you spend £10,000, they’re all similar as nicely, honestly.

After all, if you spend £a hundred,000 on a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, they’re each going to be pretty short. But if you visit a decent bike keep, £500 will get you a decent motorcycle to get taking place, and as you cycle more, you may usually promote that and improve. You can definitely get an excellent bargain on a 2d-hand bike; simply make certain it’s strolling easily and isn’t a rusty lump.

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