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Govt should forestall terming luxury vehicles sin goods

The government needs to prevent classifying luxurious cars as sin items and decrease the tax burden on such cars, as manufacturers make a contribution healthily in the country’s financial growth, in line with Jaguar Land Rover India.

Stating that heavy tax burden has restrained boom of the posh vehicle marketplace in India, Jaguar Land Rover India President and Managing Director Rohit Suri informed PTI that if the criteria of sin goods class are based totally on expensiveness, then even going to 5-star or sporting steeply-priced shirts and shoes might additionally be ‘sin’.

At present luxurious cars in India entice pinnacle GST slab of 28 in step with cent and additional cess of 20 according to cent on sedans and 22 according to cent on SUVs, taking the full tax incidence to 48 in keeping with cent and 50 according to a cent, respectively.

“The authorities call it (luxurious cars) sin items. This does no longer allow the marketplace to develop. We cannot understand how it’s miles a sin-precise. I can recognize something which impacts your fitness like cigarettes however does riding a car affect your fitness?” Suri said.

He argued that it was unfair to classify luxury cars as sin goods just primarily based on the expensiveness, without searching at their contribution to India’s financial development, including with the aid of imparting employment throughout the value chain.

“If you classify this (luxurious motors) as sin items then there are ten more items like sporting steeply-priced shirts or footwear, which are also in…In that case, each five-famous person lodge should be sin and those going there must be known as sinners.

“We appoint around 2,400 people. We deliver employment to humans across our fee chain. If the market stays constrained then we’re going to be handicapped,” Suri stated.

At present, the Indian luxury cars marketplace is round 40,000 gadgets annually, and JLR with its product portfolio addresses a segment of around 27,000 devices.

“The marketplace size is small, all because of the high GST charge that the authorities maintain to apply,” he delivered.

“We are very keen, we’re hoping that the authorities will stop calling us sin goods. Do you need to stop the boom of the enterprise by using classifying it as sin goods? It is something we are absolutely not glad about the manner its miles being branded,” Suri lamented.

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