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How to Rent an Antique Car for a Wedding

Antique cars can be a big part of a wedding car hire. They are fun, and they look great! But no doubt, hiring a vintage car for your special day will add a lot of memories to the big day. If you’re planning a wedding, chances are you have a lot of things going on. From finding the venue, picking out your flowers, and ordering your cake, there is much to consider when planning your big day.

Renting an antique car for a wedding can add a fun touch to your special day. Here’s how to rent an antique car for a wedding. Renting an antique car for a wedding can be a fun and unique way to celebrate your wedding day. But it doesn’t have to break the bank. We’ll show you how to rent an antique car for a wedding without breaking the bank.

Antique Car

You probably know that getting married requires quite a bit of planning. When you have a wedding, many things need to be done. There’s the venue, catering, flowers, music, and the dress. One of the biggest items on the to-do list is renting an antique car. Not only does it provide the romantic backdrop you want, but it also helps you get the most out of your wedding day.

Antique car rental options

Antique car rentals aren’t just for the rich and famous. While you may think you’ll only find these cars in museums, antique car rentals are more common than you might think. For instance, if you’re looking to rent a vintage car for a wedding, you’ll most likely find some of these models for sale at classic car auctions, second-hand car sales, and antique car dealers. You’ll also find these vehicles for sale at antique car museums. So, while you may have to look a little harder to find these vehicles, they are out there.

Finding a car rental company

You’ve probably heard about renting an antique car for a wedding, but you may not know where to start. Luckily, several companies offer affordable rentals.

When looking for a rental company, it’s important to remember the following:

● Avoid low-end rental companies. Low-end rental companies tend to charge higher prices for fewer services.

● Make sure the company has a fleet of vehicles. When choosing a rental company, you should be able to look at the available vehicles, see which ones are available on the day of your event, and choose the one that best suits your needs.

● Choose a company that is local to you. Rental companies that are local to you usually offer more services and are better equipped to handle your request.

● Ask questions. It’s a good idea to ask the company questions about what kind of insurance it offers, what payment options are, and how much the rental fee is.

● Be flexible. Most rental companies allow you to choose your event’s date, time, and location. Be flexible with the date so you don’t have to rush into a decision.

● Remember that you’re getting married. When you rent a car for a wedding, you get something special. You should treat the vehicle as your own and be willing to pay for the needed extras.

● Don’t forget about the extras. Extras such as an oil change, flat tire, and gas are usually included with your rental, but you should still double-check before booking.

What Are The Risks Of Renting An Antique Car?

When it comes to renting an antique car, there are risks involved. If you’re looking to rent an antique car for a wedding, the stakes are much greater than when renting a modern vehicle.

Let’s go over the risks:

Risks of renting an antique car for a wedding include the following:

1. Rental insurance. Most companies offer limited insurance.

2. Damage to the antique car. You may be responsible for the repairs if you damage the antique car.

3. Damage to your wedding party. You may have to pay for damages to your wedding party.

4. Cost of repairs. When it comes to repairs, the cost is often higher.

5. Driving laws. Your antique car may not follow the same driving laws as a modern vehicle.

What to do when you rent a car

First, you’ll need to decide what car you want. Most weddings fall into one of two categories: classic car weddings and modern weddings. Here’s a look at each type of wedding.

Modern Wedding

Most modern weddings are themed. Whether you’re going for the rustic country theme, a modern farmhouse, or a contemporary urban look, you can find inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram. If you’re going for a modern wedding, you might choose a sedan, wagon, or convertible to avoid feeling trapped in the car.

Classic car wedding

Choose a vehicle similar to the one you want to ride in on your big day. Classic car weddings are more of a romantic option than a modern wedding. They’re also more traditional, so if you want a stylish marriage, consider renting a classic car for your wedding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need insurance for the car?

A: Yes, it is recommended to have insurance on the car, but if the vehicle is antique, it can be hard to find. Your insurance policy might not even cover it.

Q: Can I ride in the back seat?

A: You can ride in the back seat if the front seat is occupied.

Q: How old must the car be to qualify as an antique?

A: An antique car has to be at least 50 years old. If it’s newer, it might be a classic car but not an antique one.

Top 3 Myths About

1. An antique car for a wedding will cost you more than a new car.

2. An antique car for a wedding is too expensive.

3. An antique car for a wedding won’t be able to handle


If you’re planning to hold your wedding reception in a place that’s a little bit different from your usual location, it may be worth renting an antique car for the occasion. If you’re unfamiliar with antique cars, you’re lucky because many websites let you search for antique vehicles by type. If you’re unfamiliar with antique cars, you’re fortunate because plenty of websites allow you to search for antique vehicles by type.

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