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Resale Value of Motorcycles – What You Should Know

Resale values of motorcycles have increased considerably over the years, mainly because of their better quality, more efficient engines, and improved performance. So before buying a bike, you should check how much the resale value of the same motorcycle will be after three years. If you’re into motorcycles, you must know the difference between a used and a new motorcycle. This difference has its specific value. If you have any doubt about the value of your motorcycle, now you know it.

Regarding motorcycles, knowing the resale value is essential for all bikers. You have to see the value of your bike before you sell it. Otherwise, selling it without knowing its real worth would be a huge mistake. You need to understand that not all motorcycles are equal. Some of them are more valuable than others. To increase your resale value, you should focus on features with a greater value.

Have you ever wanted to own a motorcycle but were put off by the thought of paying a huge amount for one? Or have you always loved the look of a bike but been afraid to go out and buy one because of the cost involved? If so, the following article may be helpful to you in finding out what it is worth to own a motorcycle these days.

Resale Value of Motorcycles

What is a motorcycle?

A motorcycle is a two-wheeled vehicle that uses an engine to move the rider and their passenger. Several motorcycles, such as road bikes, scooters, and ATVs, exist. Road bikes are the most popular kind of motorcycles. Commuters commonly use them. They are designed to be used on the roads. Road bikes come with comfortable seats, suspension, and brakes. Scooters are small, lightweight motorcycles meant to be used on the streets and sidewalks. They are usually sold in stores as well as at car dealerships. Mopeds are a type of scooter. They have smaller wheels and are shorter. ATVs are four-wheel vehicles. They are meant for off-road use. Motorcycles are identical to ATVs, but they are meant for on-road use. Quadricycles are similar to ATVs but often used on dirt trails. They are also known as quadricycles.

What makes a good bike for resale?

If you’re considering selling your motorcycle, you need to know what’s valuable and what isn’t. A good bike for resale has a combination of features. It’s got to have a clean and well-kept condition. It should have a complete set of accessories. A mechanic should maintain it. It should be in mint condition. All these factors add up to the value of a motorcycle. Considering selling your bike, you should always look at the market value. This is the price the dealer is going to offer you. It would help to ask your dealer how much they’ll pay you for your bike.

What’s the best way to sell a motorcycle?

Do you want to sell your motorcycle? Selling a bike is one of the most complicated things to do. Many factors influence the price you get for your bike.

Here’s a simple equation to help you sell your motorcycle faster.

A/C – Accessories – Add-ons

A – Accidents – Any damage to the bike, for example, a broken windshield or a bent wheel.

S – Service – Repairs done by the previous owner.

T – Tires – Low-quality tires can lead to flat tires, costing you more to fix.

I – Insurance – Your insurance company might ask you to pay a higher premium.

R – Repairs – Parts that need to be replaced.

E – Emissions – Whether the bike has been certified.

V – VIN – The VIN or Vehicle Identification Number is a unique number assigned to every vehicle. The DMV or Department of Motor Vehicles uses it.

How to get the most value for your money

So, how do you get the most value from your motorcycle? The answer is simple. Get a good price.

Let’s take a look at a real case.

Here is my Honda VFR800F1 with a price tag of $18,000. I’ve been riding this motorcycle for a couple of years. In that time, it has undergone several upgrades. As a result, it’s now worth a bit over $17,000.

How do I choose the right kind of motorcycle for resale?

The most important thing is choosing a bike you are interested in. If you love bikes, you will probably buy a new one. If you don’t care much about them, you will probably buy a second-hand one. It would help if you considered the following factors when choosing a motorcycle for resale:

1. Brand – Is it a well-known brand? If so, it will be worth more.

2. Size – It is better to have a smaller size motorcycle. You won’t be able to carry as much stuff with you.

3. Style – You can find a variety of styles and shapes. They have different colors and sizes.

4. Features – Some models come with a lot of cool features. For example, you can find a model that has a rear suspension.

5. Condition – You should look at the condition of the bike. If it is in good condition, you can increase its value.

Frequently Asked Questions Motorcycles

Q: What makes a good motorcycle for resale?

A: A great motorcycle for resale would be an older model. If you have a newer model, it might not be worth selling if you think of reselling.

Q: What does it mean when a motorcycle is “shiny”?

A: A shiny motorcycle means the owner hasn’t cleaned the bike in a while.

Q: What should a newbie know before they buy a motorcycle?

A: There are so many things to learn. It takes time to learn the ins and outs of riding a motorcycle. Knowing how to maintain your bike, take care of it, and look after it is also important.

Top Myths About Motorcycles

1. The motorcycle is the most expensive part of the bike.

2. The value of a new motorcycle goes up each year.

3. The value of a used motorcycle goes down each year.


This information will help you determine if you’re getting a good deal. That said, I would like to say that I won’t tell you to buy a motorcycle with a low resale value. You won’t know if a bike’s resale value is low or high until you own it. So the best way to tell if a bike is a good deal is to buy it and then see how much you can get for it later.

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