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RMK shows off 50 kW electric motorcycle with the coolest motor you’ve ever seen

2019 is becoming a bumper 12 months for electric bikes. Not best are a number of of recent fashions being presented through US companies like Zero, Lightning and Harley-Davidson, but manufacturers from across Europe and Asia are getting into the combination as nicely.

But even as most new electric bike producers are supplying designs that are as a minimum remotely comparable, Finland’s RMK has advanced an electric motorbike that looks nothing just like the opposition. With a hubless rear wheel that still capabilities as the motor, the E2 electric bike is breaking design guidelines with its radical new motorcycle.

RMK E2 electric powered motorbike
When we last saw the RMK E2 electric motorbike, it become nonetheless within the design section.

RMK became displaying off some quite spectacular renderings of the unconventional structure for the frame and motor, but the actual prototype became still very plenty a evidence of idea.

But with the MP19 bike display in Helsinki arising this weekend, RMK changed into in a position to complete up their first manufacturing prototype and percentage a few photos of the groundbreaking design.

The body sports activities an aggressive, angular layout with a extensive frame. Without a motor to take in precious area within the body, RMK need to be able to load a reasonably big battery into the motorcycle. The agency hasn’t introduced the precise battery capability yet, however has implied that it received’t be missing:

“The E2 will have one in every of the most important to be had batteries in the motorbike market, allowing a actual-world variety of 200-300 km (120-one hundred eighty mi) relying on driving fashion and conditions.”

Early construct snap shots released through RMK appeared to expose Samsung 18650 battery cells getting used within the motorcycle. However, it isn’t clear if those cells will make it to the final design.

But while 180 mile variety is superb, the E2’s motor is what actually steals the display.

Most electric powered motorcycles choose a mid-drive setup with a sequence or belt pressure. Some lighter electric powered bikes use a hub motor, lowering complexity in the drivetrain. But RMK went a special direction absolutely, growing an in-wheel motor that is absolutely hubless. The stator of the motor takes up maximum of the wheel’s inner rim, even as the magnet-encumbered rotor incorporates the outer portion of the wheel’s rim. Complex, but attractive.

Unlike many EVs which try to disguise away unsightly heavy gauge wiring, the motor’s segment wires incorporate a chief layout note at the E2. Their vivid orange protective sheaths snake around the poor area below the saddle and along the swingarm to the motor’s stator.

But don’t mistake the motor for simply a fancy design. Its performance is simply as incredible as its production. With 50 kW (67 hp) of strength and 320 Nm (236 feet-lbs) of stump-pulling torque, this novel motor has the performance to healthy its aesthetics. Of route at 200 kg (440 lbs), the motorbike isn’t a featherweight and that torque could be vital to get out of the hollow fast.

The electronically limited speed of one hundred sixty km/h (one hundred mph) isn’t rather rapid compared to different motorcycles, however most riders gained’t need to ever need to hit higher speeds.The new pics of the RMK E2 additionally screen the digital tool panel that is constructed directly into the top of the frame.

Combined with minimalistic controls and the drop mirrors, that leaves the handlebars looking fine and smooth.
RMK continues to be in the trying out section, however the agency is already running out the manufacturing info for the E2. Production is predicted to occur typically inside Finland.

Pre-orders have already opened for the E2, and early adopters can reserve their personal for €2,000 ($2,300). But to make the E2 yours, you’ll should tack on some other €23,000 ($26,six hundred). That’s pretty steep in evaluation to a few tamer electric powered motorcycles we’re eyeing coming out of Asia, however nonetheless cheaper than some of the other high-powered electric bikes produced in Europe.

And in keeping with RMK, the very last model of the E2 ought to have even better overall performance than the numbers they’ve posted up to now:

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