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The fact approximately St. Cloud Antique Auto Club

I am Dennis Arntson, the modern-day vice chairman of St. Cloud Antique Auto Club. I examine the item posted on May 28 in the St. Cloud Times titled “Pantown Brewing Co. Will get a visit from namesake car during a fundraiser Wednesday,” and I became totally taken again via what I read.

Many of our club participants have felt the same way as I do. This is my first time writing to the St. Cloud Times, and I strongly experience the need to get the correct information out to the public.

Ray Maier, our cutting-edge president, has thus far apologized to some participants of the automobile membership for what he says turned into being “misquoted” and remarks being taken “out of context.” I am not right here to discredit everybody worried about the procedure of manufacturing this article, I simply want the public to recognize the reality of our car club.

First, I want to present Ray Maier credit for being obsessed with doing everything he can to get our club notoriety and I understand he has spent lots of time and power on this enterprise. That is surely his assignment and I recognize fantastic matters can end up of it. But shifting on from there, this is where the story is wrong: The St. Cloud Antique Auto Club, the “Pantowners, “is NOT inside the method of dissolving and Ray Maier DID NOT save the club.

The membership develops annual finance and keeps to paintings within its price range. The Pantowners has been a colorful vehicle club for forty eight years with many energetic members who show up month-to-month for our general conferences and activities, who volunteer to work activities, and I understand will remain so.

We take pride in our organization, the matters we do inside the community and in particular, our annual automobile display this is “always at the 1/3 Sunday in August.” Our automobile display, that is the biggest one-day automobile display and swap in Minnesota can completely fill the Benton County Fairgrounds.

Ray’s assertion “(The club) has gotten a reputation, properly-deserved, of being a set of old white guys with plenty of money” is completely now not proper. Our club is open to every person (in step with our bylaws this is “inquisitive about the targets or motive of this non-profit organization”), and we keep to bring in new members almost monthly, irrespective of their stature inside the network.

It is true though, as with many vehicle golf equipment throughout Minnesota and the nation, that interest in antique cars has faded because the average age of club individuals will increase. For this motive, as Ray has stated, the Pantowners has made adjustments during the last several years to have interaction with younger generations.

Our car show was once open best to 1979 and older cars, which we recognize may not excite many younger humans. Therefore, we’ve got modified a lot of our classes to include cars up to 1984. We have added training for: rat rods, rear-wheel pressure motors as much as 1993 and a changed contemporary muscle class from 1994 to 2019. We have introduced a kids award application and we’ve dedicated contributors whose purpose is to get younger human beings interested by the automobile interest, if now not our membership.

“We do have a handful which can be like, ‘Why are we converting stuff? It’s been excellent for forty years!’ And it’s like, ‘Well, you will be lifeless in 3 years, so your opinion would not actually rely upon,'” Maier laughed.

This quote of Ray Maier, a reference made to our older membership, isn’t always the perspective of the St. Cloud Antique Auto Club’s Board of Directors or the general membership. As the current vice president and board member, and being a beyond the president, I recognize the board and the general club of the club does not feel this way. We understand that everybody has an opinion, and each opinion is a part of any decision-making system by way of the board.

That being said, as with any corporation, there will be disagreements with decisions made along the way. The membership also, now and again, will well know its “founding fathers” for supporting make this membership what’s it today.

I recognize there are other statements within the article that club participants may have an objection to, however, this isn’t the time or area to address those problems. I am proud of this membership, and I consider this membership. I were a lively member for the last 14 years and will hold to do so.

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