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The Health Benefits of Biking to Work

It’s Bike to Work week—the suitable time to try making your manner to paintings on two wheels. But biking to work is well worth considering at some stage in the year: Commuting using a motorbike is less expensive and healthier than options, says Ken McLeod, policy director for the League of American Bicyclists. “Survey after survey says that the happiest commuters are motorcycle commuters,” he says. “You’ll work a new save that’s opened, a new area to devour—a simple, fun way to realize your network.”


And within the past couple of decades, people have taken note. In 2017—the most recent year for which there to be had records from the American Community Survey—there were greater than 836,000 motorbike commuters, nearly 70 percent extra than in 2000. According to McLeod, the number of bike commuters peaked in 2014 and has barely dipped. However, towns prioritizing making cycling more secure and extra reachable are still seeing their rider population upward push.

Taking steps to grow the popularity of biking is worth the effort, says Jason Gill, Ph.D., a cardiometabolic fitness professor at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. In places that have made biking simpler and more secure, Gill says, there have been dramatic improvements to human health and, foremost, fee financial savings in healthcare. “There is evidence that the amount of biking completed in the Netherlands has introduced greater than half of 12 months to Dutch countrywide existence expectancy and has led to billions of greenbacks in economic gain,” he says.

Benefits of Biking

In 2017, look at published in the clinical journal The BMJ, Gill, and co-workers looked at facts that observed greater than 263,000 people in the U.K. To see how their commuting approach affected their health for approximately five years. They observed that those who commuted by way of motorcycle—including people who motorcycle the best part of the way to paintings, taking an opportunity like a train for the other part—had a lower hazard for numerous cancers and cardiovascular disease and were less probably to die during the examine length.

These fitness blessings outweigh risk factors like publicity to air pollution or injuries, says Gill—something other studies affirm. In big element, these blessings are likely because motorcycle commuting is an exceptional way to meet bodily interest guidelines, Gill says. In the U.S., exercise tips call for adults to get at least a hundred and fifty minutes in line with a week of moderate-depth aerobic activity or 75 minutes of energetic hobby (plus at least days of strength-training exercising). Only about half of adults meet aerobic exercise pointers. However, a 30-minute motorcycle experience (15 mins each way) five days a week at a casual pace is enough to fulfill those hints.

Cycling additionally comes with widespread benefits for mental fitness and nicely-being. A current look at locates that puts older volunteers who don’t regularly cycle on both normal motorcycles and e-motorcycles and asks them to trip for a minimum of 30 minutes 3 times per week for eight weeks furnished significant boosts to cognitive characteristic and normal properly-being. Interestingly, the e-bike riders advanced even greater than everyday cyclists on cognitive processing and well-being measures, perhaps because they spent more time out of doors riding.
Tips for Riding Safely

If all of that is sufficient to convince you to offer cycling to work an attempt, here are some beneficial recommendations from McLeod, Gill, and CR’s motorcycle helmet specialists. Ensure your motorbike is in top form, particularly if you haven’t ridden for some time, McLeod says. Swing using a local bike shop or area like REI, wherein you could get a tuneup and top off the air in your tires if you don’t have a pump.

Wear a helmet. Helmet-sporting is associated with an almost 70 percent lower hazard of serious head injury in a crash. You want to don’t forget value, match, and comfort while deciding on a helmet because you need to ensure you get something you’ll wear each time you experience, says Peter Anzalone, senior test challenge chief of bike helmets at CR. It’s worth looking into a helmet with technology designed to reduce concussion chances if you may find one in your price range.

Find a safe course to paint. If you need to trip to images often and a bikeable system is an alternative, you may attempt first making the trip on a weekend day when there are much fewer site visitors and less pressure to arrive through a certain time, McLeod says. That gives you time to discover opportunity routes if any spots feel complex.

Ride in the road, and be alert. Cyclists have to journey on the street, preferably in a motorcycle lane if there’s one. It’s now not a prison for person cyclists to experience on the sidewalk in many locations, and cars pulling out of driveways are often not equipped to prevent a cyclist who’s on the sidewalk. Always be extremely respectful of and searching for pedestrians, McLeod says.

Communicate with pedestrians and cars. It’s useful and often legally required for cyclists to have a bell to alert humans of their path. Gill shows the use of lighting fixtures for your motorcycle in any respect hours to ensure that motors can see you. You ought to additionally signal your turns and prevents them if you can. Rules vary by way of country. However, you could commonly stick out your proper arm for a right turn or left arm for a left turn. Still, McLeod says that you should prioritize retaining control of your bike over signaling, so exercise beforehand to feel comfy.

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