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The Top Cars Participating In F1

If you love betting, you’ve looked at the NFL odds and F1 racing. Today we look at F1 and the top cars participating in the race.

The History of the F1 Races

F1 racing can be traced back to the 1920s and 1930s through the European Grand Pix Championship. The European Grand Prix Championships are a formula one race that we’re reintroduced to the public in the mid-1980s and have been held regularly since 1999. In 1946 the foundation of what we know as Formula 1 racing came into being. This happened through the Federation International De L’Automobile, the FIA. This organization changed F1 racing forever and laid the foundation through a set of standardized rules, which in 1950 was followed by the World Championship of Drivers.

Top Cars to Participate in the F1 Race

The F1 races have been happening since 1950 and are among the world’s top most prestigious car races, like the Vegas NFL odds. It also falls under the world’s most popular races ever. Below we look at the cars that have raced in the F1 race.

  • Mclaren-Honda MP4/4

Mclaren-Honda MP4/4 is deemed as being one of the most successful car designs to have graced the Formula One track. The car competed in the 1988 Formula One season and was driven by teammates Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost. The vehicle is powered by a 1.5 V6-turbo engine which Honda powers. The car won 15 out of the 16 races as it lost out in competing in the Italian Grand Prix. This was because the Honda engine let go leaving Prost out of the race.

  • Alfa Romeo 158/9 Alfetta

Part of the best F1 cars didn’t even compete in the F1 races. Originally this car was built to compete in the voiturette class race, a separate section of the Grand Prix Racing. The car was powered by a 1.5-lite straight-eight which Gioacchino Colombo designed. The vehicle won 37 of 41 races; however, this joy was short-lived as WW2 hit the motor industry and made survival impossible.

After the war, the motor industry had taken a knock, and car racers began pulling out old versions to be able to compete in races. This vehicle went on to take the F1 race track by storm, leaving many in the dust with its speed. Unfortunately, this vehicle has little praise as it never competed in all the eligible races in that particular season.

  • Ferrari 500

If you’ve been wondering where Ferrari was during the F1, you’re lucky, as the Ferrari 500 has made it into our list. Unfortunately, this came at the cost of the Alfa, and just like the Alpha, this vehicle wasn’t built for the F1. Like Alfa, the Ferrari 500 made every race it competed in, similar to picking your favorite team in the NFL lines

The car’s downfall was seen when Ascari skipped the first round, which he was meant to attend in Switzerland for the Indy 500. Unfortunately, he only qualified 25th in this round and had to retire after a spin. Thankfully, Ascari’s teammate Piero Taruffi took up his one, and Ascari assisted only in victory and completed every other round in which they won.

  • Ferrari F2002

Another great vehicle to be in the F1 race was the Ferrari F2002. It’s well-known that cars created in the Red Bull early 2010s are some of the best F1 cars. The only major way to differentiate between the two is by the numbers at the end of each vehicle. Always remember that the F2002 wasn’t introduced to the race track until the third race of the 2002 season. The F2002 went on to race in the fourth race of the 2003 season. The F2002 won 14 out of 15 races which is amazing.

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