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Advance Auto Parts logoCaisse DE Depot ET Placement DU Quebec grew its stake in Advance Auto Parts, Inc. (NYSE: AAP) by 7.7% within the 1st area, according to the employer in its maximum recent filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission. The company owned 949,862 shares of the corporation after buying an additional 67,700 stocks at some stage in the area. Caisse DE Depot ET Placement DU Quebec held 1.32% of Advance Auto Parts, worth $161,980,000 as of its latest SEC filing.

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Several different hedge finances also lately modified their holdings of the organization. Two Sigma Advisers LP grew its position in stocks of Advance Auto Parts, utilizing 1,003.Five% inside the fourth sector. Two Sigma Advisers LP now owns 1,117,577 shares of the business enterprise’s inventory valued at $ hundred seventy-five 974,000 after shopping an additional 1,016,300 shares inside the closing region. Norges Bank bought a new stake in Advance Auto Parts shares in the fourth region worth approximately $ hundred ten 154,000. JPMorgan Chase & Co. Grew its role in Advance Auto Parts stocks by 114.Three% inside the first region. JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Now owns 1,209,134 stocks of the enterprise’s inventory worth $206,194,000 after purchasing an additional 644,911 stores in the last quarter. Two Sigma Investments LP grew its position in Advance Auto Parts shares by using 158.6% in the fourth region. Two Sigma Investments LP now owns 934,980 shares of the employer’s stock valued at $147,222,000 after shopping an additional 573,376 stores in the final area. Finally, BlackRock Inc. grew its position in stocks of Advance Auto Parts utilizing eleven.7% within the fourth quarter. BlackRock Inc. Now owns 5,089,102 shares of the employer’s inventory valued at $801,330,000 after buying an additional 534,863 stocks within the final zone. 98.87% of the stock is owned using institutional buyers and hedge funds.

Several research analysts these days weighed in on AAP stocks. Zacks Investment Research upgraded Advance Auto Parts from a “promote” score to a “keep” rating in a research document on Tuesday, April thirtieth. ValuEngine decreased Advance Auto Parts from a “purchase” rating to a “hold” score in a research report on Tuesday, June eleventh. Royal Bank of Canada decreased its charge goal on Advance Auto Parts to $178.00 and set an “outperform” score for the company in a research record on Tuesday, May fourteenth.

In a study document on Wednesday, May twenty-second, William Blair reiterated an “outperform” rating on Advance Auto Parts stocks. Finally, Citigroup decreased their fee goal on Advance Auto Parts from $188.00 to $182.00 and set a “neutral” score for the corporation in a studies file on Monday, April first. Five equities study analysts rated the inventory with a hold score, and fourteen gave a purchase score to the organization’s list. The stock currently has a consensus score of “Buy” and a consensus charge goal of $ hundred ninety.71.

Shares of NYSE AAP traded up $2.43 during mid-day buying and selling on Friday, hitting $154.14. The organization had a buying and selling quantity of 950,036 stocks compared to its average volume of one,041,512. The stock has a marketplace cap of $11.06 billion, a P/E ratio of 21.62, a PEG ratio of one.62, and a beta of 0.98. The business’s 50-day moving average fee is $ hundred and fifty-five .41. The organization has a short ratio of zero.31, a contemporary ratio of one.35, and a debt-to-fairness ratio of zero. Seventy-nine. Advance Auto Parts, Inc. Has a 1-yr low of $133.42 and a 1-yr excessive of $186.15.

Advance Auto Parts (NYSE: AAP) ultimately published its earnings outcomes on Wednesday, May twenty-second. The employer pronounced $2.Forty-six EPS for the area, beating the consensus estimate of $2.36 by $0.10. The company had a revenue of $2.Ninety-five billion for the quarter, compared to analyst estimates of $2.Ninety-four billion. Advance Auto Parts had a return on fairness of 15.23% and a net margin of 4.45%.

Advance Auto Parts sales for the area increased by 2.7% compared to the same sector’s ultimate year. During the equal quarter within the earlier 12 months, the employer published $2.10 profits in line with proportion. As a set, analysts anticipate that Advance Auto Parts, Inc. I Will put up eight. Twenty-two earnings according to share for the cutting-edge fiscal 12 months. The company also recently introduced a quarterly dividend on Friday, July fifth. On Friday, June twenty-first, investors of the file will be issued a $zero.06 dividend. This represents a $zero: 24 annualized dividend and a yield of 0.16%. The ex-dividend date is Thursday, June twentieth. Advance Auto Parts’s dividend payout ratio (DPR) is currently 3.37%.

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