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Biggest Stay Gold Custom Car Show but filled the gambling fields at H.D.

Walnut Grove resident Dennis Van Den Berg explained that driving a conventional car may be difficult. His 1976 AMX Hornet X became drawing appreciative seems on the third annual Stay Gold Custom Car Show held on Sunday, June 23, at H.D. Stafford College. More than 170 vehicles were on show at the occasion, up from 110 the preceding yr. Van Den Berg received his Hornet in an “instantly-across” swap for his Harley Davidson after knee and lower back problems forced him to give up motorcycling, Van Den Berg informed a traveler.

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He stated the “X” in the vehicle name is to signify it comes with extras, this sort of heated rear window. But what those extras didn’t include turned into energy guidance or strength brakes. “The first time I drove it, it scared me,” the Walnut Grove resident related, smiling. Not that the lack of cutting-edge tech continues him from riding it, even though he typically limits his trips to quick tours to keep the mileage from creeping up. While it appears to be in pristine circumstance and has at least one first-location automobile display award to its credit score, his Hornet has about 30,000 original miles, which Van Den Berg believes is greater than a show car have to have.

Year 3 turned into the largest Stay Gold Custom Car show yet. The first display, a rapidly-organized affair held in a downpour, noticed approximately eighty motors registered and attracted a few hundred spectators. Still, it raised close to $11,000 for mental fitness. Paul Frost and Monty McCallum got here with the concept in honor of a pal they lost, Ken Laviolette. Watching Laviolette’s battle to get counseling, and seeing the monetary obstacles he faced, inspired Front and McCallum to raise cash to help humans in need get some assistance.

Gale Frost, one of the organizers, explained the cash raised would go to the Langley Community Services Society, which provides counseling and schooling, as well as a wide variety of applications inside the regions of family counseling, a circle of relatives services, agreement, and integration and substance abuse services to almost 2,000 individuals, couples, and households each year. “What we’re doing is trying to fill the gaps for humans who have no cash for mental fitness specialists, or they have no extended medical,” Frost informed The Langley Advance Times.

“We’ve helped about 30 people within the ultimate years.” While a dollar amount wasn’t without delay for yr 3, Frost said receipts appeared to be up by way of 20 in step with cents from the ultimate 12 months. And although this year’s event drew many extra automobiles, they aren’t near overflowing the spacious sports activities grounds at H.D. Stafford, Frost said.

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