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Bugatti Teasing New Car That Looks Like A Classic Antique

Bugatti is saying some atypical matters on their Facebook page, which means that a brand new vehicle is coming based totally on the classic Type 57 SC Atlantic. If you’ve never heard of a Type 57 SC Atlantic, don’t experience too horrific. It’s a car that’s older than most of us, having been made for the heady days within the lead as much as World War 2. Back then, cars had been all about lengthy noses and comfort and had been based totally on the similar appearance of racing cars at the time.

The Bugatti Type fifty-seven SC Atlantic turned into based at Type fifty-seven SC; however, it given a few great additions, including a dual-piece windshield and a touch fin going down the middle. Under the hood was a three. Three-L supercharged inline eight cylinders produced two hundred hp and will propel the auto to speeds of 120 mph.

Only 17 examples of the 57 SC Atlantic had been made, with a maximum of them have succumbed to the march of time. According to Motor1, three automobiles still exist and are not cheap. One sold for $30 million at auction in 2010. So it comes as a few wonder that Bugatti would reach into their remote past to tease what can be a state-of-the-art supercar. On the French carmaker’s Facebook page, Bugatti released a black and white image of the old Atlantic and a curious message.

Elaine Howell
Elaine Howell
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