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Buying Protective Accessories for Your Armored Cars

Armored cars have reduced the risks of road attacks on politicians and other important persons. You might be thinking, how? Armored vehicles are not the same as regular cars. They are built of sturdy material resistant to bullets and come with high-security systems. Its protection has made it an elite choice regarding safety and security. Today, you will not see any politician or a high-ranking officer without an armored car reaching various destinations because attackers can attack at any time, and they will not leave a single chance of hurting them. When planning your full security by owning an armored car, why miss out on protective accessories for your armored vehicle?

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Protective accessories are created carefully from high-quality materials that leave no room for any mishap. These accessories can prevent your armored cars even from minute damages when encountering criminals. That is why buying protective accessories becomes essential for your armored vehicle.

Let us discuss some of the parts and accessories for your armored vehicle-

1) Bullet-resistant glass- The bulletproof or bullet-resistant glass can be highly protective for shielding yourself when someone is aiming at you. You can choose the thickness of bulletproof glass depending upon the security level you want to have but keeping in mind the internationally agreed standards of armoring.

2) Heavy-duty tires-Armoredd tires are doughnut-shapedringsg composed of alloy or solid material. That ring is inserted inside the rubber tire for increased protection. Although the alloy ring increases the tires’ weight, it makes the car run long without disruption when facing enemies.

3) Suspension kits- Suspension kits are installed on your vehicle to improve its performance, whether you have to protect it from ground threats, keep it in a line or reduce the potential body rolls.

4) Full underbelly blast protection- Offering ballistic protection to your armored vehicle means you are shielding it against any explosives that could be laid in your way, and they can be fatal. Therefore, I would suggest incorporating blast protection in your armored vehicle.

5) Communication Equipment- You can assimilate various communication equipment in your armored car for being in touch with your security team in the previous vehicle or a microphone that will transmit the audio signals outside the car.

6) Gun Ports- Gun ports are made up of ballistic steel or glass that can be configured and assimilated depending on the customers’ needs. Gun ports can fit all types of armored vehicles as the client requires.

7) Winches- Electrical and hand winches can be highly valuable during rescue operations, threats, and missions when you have to pull the rope in and out to save someone who has fallen. Depending on the cost, itt can be of any type-electrical, hydraulic, or mechanicat, and can even be used in towing other vehicles.

Elaine Howell
Elaine Howell
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