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Car Covers Aren’t Just For Show Cars Anymore Thanks To Covercraft


Yep, I even have a display vehicle. My everyday driver even doubles for a display vehicle. They each occupy my cramped little -vehicle storage. My buddy, Chris has a comparable hassle; the 2 vehicles occupying his (greater spacious) two-automobile storage are in complete-rebuild mode. As if we didn’t have sufficient to work on already, we these days decided to buy Miatas to move racing — mine being a challenging automobile right here at TURNology, dubbed CrossTime.

That left us with the conundrum of wherein to park/keep them. Because he has more area in his driveway, the maximum logical answer becomes to park them at Chris’s house — outdoor. Well, in case you’ve seen pics of CrossTime, you’d see it isn’t precisely what one could call “watertight.” Even once I turned into given a hardtop, this aspect might leak like a sieve. I needed an automobile cowl — and fast, and I knew just wherein to go — the internet site for Covercraft.

I currently purchased an automobile cowl from Covercraft for my ‘55 Chevy, so I recognize the logo’s quality. The enterprise has been around due to 1965 so that you are aware of it has a stable foothold. I contacted the Director of Marketing, Jeff Jegelewicz, after making my buy to get some of his perception for this article.

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Using the Website

My desires for CrossTime are completely one-of-a-kind than those for the Chevy; the Chevy sees minimal time outside. However, I needed something to protect it after I’m on the street in a single day vehicle shows. Across time, however, is being saved out of doors — all day, each day — in the hot solar with bushes nearby. I wanted a cowl that might manage the whole thing Mother Nature could throw at it.
This is the Covercraft Weathershield HP cover I sold for my ’55 Chevy. As you could see, using my garage’s appearance, there’s no room to keep a Miata in there!

Seeing as although CrossTime is being stored at Chris’ residence, I gained’t see it on a day-by-day foundation, so I wanted a custom-in shape cover that wouldn’t blow off, trap water, or make him need to go out and modify it. Perusing Covercraft’s homepage, there a few one-of-a-kind ways to go looking, which makes it very clean:

All three approaches will come up with a variety of automobile covers to select from. However, in reality, I preferred the Covercrafter choice because it permits you to refine your search via the conditions you are attempting to guard your car against, and it’ll remove those who don’t match your criteria. You can also type the list by rate and/or shade options.

Jegelewicz says plenty of work went into making the Covercrafter menu. “We have many specific selections in terms of covers at the internet site. We idea about the maximum regularly asked questions regarding conditions people take into account while deciding on a cover. We wanted to make it easy for customers to evaluate and evaluation all of the duvet fabric, so the Covercrafter was born.”

Making Selections

Once I clicked on “Covercrafter – Create Your Custom Cover,” it took me to the website that allowed me to refine the quest to find which of the sixteen-cowl kinds excellent suited my wishes. The first step is to answer “Where do you park?” at the left-hand facet of the screen. For me, that would be “Outdoors & Indoors,” which straight away eliminated indoor-handiest covers, so I was all the way down to 10 to select from.

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