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From Cub To E-Cub: A Motorcycle Build Show Worth Watching

Hey Discovery Channel? This is the fellow you ought to have employed.
Usually, on the subject of custom motorcycles, we see the give-up result with a few “earlier than” pictures. They’re adorable. However, we don’t get to see the real blood, sweat, and tears that move into a construct. This one is coming at it from the opposite route: he’s going to log the whole process. We get to look the making plans, developing, and optimistically setbacks and redesigns along the way.

A Motorcycle Build Show Worth Watching

The bike is a 1969 Honda Sports Cub CA110, and it runs and sounds splendid. I assume the builder expected the overall wailing to come from the YouTube commentariat because he stated that “Honda made over a hundred million variations” of that precise bike and so “it is not a rare motorbike via any means,” and added that he’s going to sell all the parts he’s getting rid of, so they will stay on.

He says he’ll plan to use a 3kW electric powered motor inside the motorbike, maybe “bump it up” to a 5kW, because it’ll need a touch oomph to get up hills. He discusses the options of a mid-force as opposed to a hub motor and their advantages and disadvantages. The engine position will affect how and how many batteries are hooked up inside the motorbike.

As for the batteries, he’s planning on a 72V system so that it won’t draw an excessive amount of modern-day and a 30Ah capability. His math suggests that ought to provide him about a 40-mile range on the bike among prices. Since it’ll be a knockabout metropolis motorcycle simplest a step or two above a bicycle, that must work out fine. Here’s the kicker, although: he’s planning on constructing the battery himself! Raise your hand if you didn’t understand that changed into feasible.

He continues with greater traditional bike build issues and discusses the drum brakes front and back that are acceptable but not super. The hub-hooked-up motor will argue with the contemporary rear drum brake, though, so he considers a rear disc brake and a bar-hooked-up lever for it like a scooter because an electric bike doesn’t want the snatch.

He’ll redecorate the swingarm, install a torque arm, relocate the footpegs and cope with a couple of different, um, minor mods, however, I, for one, am looking forward to the chapters in this build, and I hope he brings us all alongside in this journey. When I consider the one’s TV indicates that characteristic motorbike developers, I need real paintings like this, not “we’ve swapped out the motor for one in this crate and despatched the tank off to a painter, and now we’re going to yell at each different for the final half of-hour of the display.” Micah, you are the man I want to watch build an electric motorcycle. Take me with yooooouuuu!!

Elaine Howell
Elaine Howell
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