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Justin Bieber Apologized to Jojo Siwa After Telling Her to Burn Her New Car


2018 changed into absolutely the 12 months of random celebrity feuds we never saw coming, from Jessica Simpson and Natalie Portman’s false impression to Kim Catrall’s public spat with Sarah Jessica Parker, the Sex and the City cast. And now, Justin Bieber vs. Former Dance Moms megastar Jojo Siwa? We’re scratching our heads, too.

Justin Bieber Apologized to Jojo Siwa

On Saturday, December 22, the now-YouTube sensation became gifted a customized BMW for Christmas designed together with her face on the hood of the auto and colorful splashes of paint-splattered throughout the auto. West Coast Customs, vehicle customization save in California, was liable for Jojo’s Pimp My Ride-fashion car and posted an image of the very last appearance at the organization’s legit Instagram, which caught Justin’s eye Bieber, who wasn’t inspired at all.

“Burn it,” the singer wrote inside the comment segment of West Coast Customs’ photograph. As if his first comment didn’t genuinely explicit his dislike for Jojo’s automobile, Bieber accompanied up with any other “Burn it” remark.

Justin Bieber Apologized to Jojo Siwa After Telling Her to Burn Her New Car 2
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Justin Bieber Apologized to Jojo Siwa After Telling Her to Burn Her New Car 3