PEABODY — Ever photograph yourself in the back of the wheel of a fire truck, a massive yellow college bus, or an ambulance?

Here’s your danger to the personal one. The city of Peabody hopes to raise cash utilizing auctioning off 35 “retired” gadgets with a fire pumper, college buses, vans, passenger cars, vans formerly used to carry seniors, and motorway devices. “Everyone likes to keep,” stated the town’s shopping agent Daniel Doucette. “We have attempted almost every manner of removing cars since I’ve been here. I’ve carried out hammer auctions, sealed-bid auctions, and we had a real auctioneer.”


The town’s final time had an auction five years ago; he stated that they bought a dozen vehicles from $200 to $10,000 and raised nearly $28,000. This time, the city has employed Auctions International, a New York-based agency specializing in supporting municipalities to sell previous vehicles. The online public sale began on Monday and could maintain thru Thursday, Feb. 28, at 6:30 p.M. At press time, they have bids totaling extra than $20,000 with eight days left to move.

But what can a person do with a hearth truck?

“I became in Nashville two weeks ago in which I noticed a person had turned a fire truck into a party truck,” Doucette said. “The hose bed on the rear of the truck changed into changed with bench seats, and they have been taking peoplearoundd to neighborhood establishments.” An ambulance, he said, can be used as a piece truck. “When you watched it, an ambulance is absolutely a heavy-obligation van,” he stated. “The one we’re selling was given to the Peabody Fire Department through Atlantic Ambulance and repurposed as a delivery truck at fires.” To get a close-up, look at their automobiles; visit the previous Public Works facility on the rear of Berry Street, off Warren Street, on Thursday from 1 to a few p.M. The other web page is at the Department of Public Works belongings at 50 Farm Ave. From 10 a.M. To noon.

Elaine Howell
Elaine Howell
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