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DOTr cites want to amend land transport regulation to legalize motorbike taxis

MANILA – Legalizing using bikes in public transport desires a law change, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) stated Saturday, as it sought time to study such a proposal. In an announcement, the DOTr said an existing regulation on land transportation “in reality does not allow bikes to be categorized as ‘for rent’ or public utility.” “Allowing bike taxis to operate as public shipping could move towards the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) issued by the Supreme Court, thereby exposing DOTr officials to criminal legal responsibility or contempt of court,” the organization said.

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He became regarding the court docket order that halted the operations of Angkas, an app-based bike taxi provider. “This is why the DOTr has maintained that the pleasant recourse for the conversion of motorbike taxis to public transport is a regulation modification,” it stated. While Congress has yet to pass a measure that could amend Republic Act 4136 or the “Land Transportation and Traffic Code,” the DOTr sought more time to craft motorbike taxi policies.

“It does no longer intend to antagonize Angkas. In reality, the DOTr has welcomed motorbike businesses in discussions to thresh out the necessities and other contingent problems,” the branch said. “These issues are directed at law for passenger protection and not anything else,” it said. The House of Representatives committee on Metro Manila improvement in January, known as the corporation, drafted such recommendations pending modification of the law restricting the use of motorbikes in a public conveyance, as it desired the legalization of bike taxis.

House panel backs legalization of Angkas, motorcycle taxis.

Last month, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) advised motorbike drivers to prevent servicing passengers even as the legalization of using motorcycles for public transport continues to be mentioned. Angkas received popularity for supplying inexpensive trip-hailing offerings and quicker commutes via Metro Manila’s site visitors-choked roads.

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