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Retro-Styled Electric Motorcycle To Debut In 2020

Sweden-based totally Regent Motorcycles is an electric powered motorcycle manufacturer that lately showcased the enterprise’s first product – the retro-styled Regent No. 1 electric bike. The production prototype turned into unveiled on May 10, 2019, at the MC Massan Swedish Motorcycle Fair, and encouraged by the reaction the Regent No. 1 obtained at that event, the business enterprise now intends to ramp up manufacturing for a commercial release of the Regent No. 1 by way of May 2020. The motorcycle is priced at nine,500 Euros (round ₹ 7.5 lakh) with a 10 percent cut price for the primary one hundred bikes and Regent is already accepting pre-orders at the enterprise’s website.

The Regent No. 1 is powered by a rear hub motor which can be produced around 11 bhp of electricity up to 20 bhp and has a top velocity of a hundred and twenty kmph. The battery is a 72 V and 80 Ah %, presenting 6 kWh capability, and is stated to offer quite a number a hundred and fifty km on an unmarried price. The motorcycle weighs around 130 kg and has a metal body, popular telescopic fork and dual rear shocks providing chromed out coilover springs. The 18-inch spoked wheels come widespread with disc brakes with ABS and regenerative braking.

Despite the unfashionable-styling, the Regent No. 1 comes with a host of modern-day technology. The instrument panel is a digital touch screen infotainment device, and the motorbike includes integrated GPS as an anti-robbery tool which powers the geofencing feature. The fee tag is a chunk at the better aspect, and Regent Motorcycles is actively looking for investors as well. If Regent No. 1 offers any indication, the next range of electric motorcycles from Regent will be exciting to see what they provide, each in terms of generation and features.

You can experience more secure by way of following those quick suggestions on motorcycle safety:

1. Always count on which you and your motorbike are absolutely invisible to different drivers.

2. Leave plenty of area in front and back and to the sides of all different vehicles.

Three. Beware of motorists turning left in the front of you at intersections.

4. Never drink or take tablets and try and journey a bike.

5. Avoid using at night, especially past due Saturday night and early Sunday when drunken drivers can be on the street.

6. Beware of taking curves which you can’t see around. A parked truck or a patch of sand can be awaiting you.

7. Do not try and ‘get even’ with every other rider or motorist by way of giving in to road rage.

8. If a person is tailgating you, both speed up to open greater space or pull over and let them pass.

9. Take a motorcycle protection route to analyze what to search for to keep away from injuries.

10. Wear protective garb and a helmet.

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