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Understanding Lemon Law Refunds &Why You Need an Attorney

A lemon car has a lower value, resulting in a loss to the owner. Fortunately, lemon owners are protected by lemon law, which allows a refund by the auto manufacturer. Understanding lemon law refunds will help you get the most out of your claim.

What is lemon law refund?

Lemon law refund is an essential source of help for owners of lemon cars. The law allows you to seek a refund when the dealer cannot repair the defect that significantly impairs your vehicle. The refund is available if you can prove to the court that the car is a lemon under the lemon law and can use a lemon law buyback calculator to know the refund amount.


A refund gets you back the down payment, monthly payment, vehicle financing, taxes, registration fees, service contractors, and any Loan balance. However, the dealer is allowed to deduct the usage fee. Usage fees constitute the value of the period the vehicle was operating without issues and the value of miles based on the car before the first repair.

The refund can be in the form of a diminished value of your car, representing the loss due to defects. Or any out-of-pocket costs for repair and rental services. You can agree on the refund amount through negotiation or in court. After the refund amount is set, a surrender date is set. You’ll be given your refund check and return the lemon on that date.

Why you need an attorney

During a lemon law refund process, you will need an attorney for the following reasons:

  • Peace of Mind 

Dealing with a lemon law claim is tedious and could stress you. However, a lemon law attorney will resolve the claim effectively. If the lawsuit succeeds, the manufacturer will pay the attorney, so you will not be responsible for the expenses. Knowing that a professional works for your benefit, you’ll have peace of mind.

  • Maximum Refund

 When you file a lemon law claim, the manufacturer will try to negotiate a small amount. But if you hire an attorney, they will use their expertise to arrange a higher amount and better deals. They are familiar with state laws and will use them to take on dealers so that you can get maximum compensation.

  • Preparing for the opposition claim 

A dealer will always come up with issues to confront your claim. Their team of attorneys will find fault for anything to avoid payment. A lemon law lawyer will prepare adequately for the claims and argue on your behalf.

  • Help you build a lemon law case. 

You’ll need advice from a lemon law case attorney when filing the claim. A lawyer will ensure all the documents are error-free and you attach all the evidence. Also, they will ensure that you observe the statute of limitation in your state to avoid late filing. These will be essential in building a strong lemon law case for better results.

Final thoughts

Lemon Law refund allows you to get a refund and stop worrying about a defective vehicle. However, the amount you’ll get depends on various factors, mainly the presence of an attorney. As discussed above, an attorney will be beneficial and vital in your lemon law refund claim.

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Elaine Howell
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