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Seven Best F1 Cars Of All Time

Formula 1 is a set of high-class international cars made by a team of people guided by a specific set of formulas, and you can enjoy it as you play online casino games. Formula 1 has been in place for over 60 years now. And, each year has had its own set of great machines that have become the silver lining of motorsport. Every year, the intention is always to showcase innovation and creativity in the motor industry and handle the marketing of cars within the sector. As a result, some magnificent designs have been produced, with the most common question being; which is better? 

Here are some of the most iconic F1 cars ever developed.

Aurelio Lampredi designed the amazing car. The special features were that it was a single-seater with a De Dion Axle suspension in the rear and a double wishbone suspension in the front. In addition, it had an engine, Lampredi L4, with a 4-speed manual gearbox. After Alpha had retired, Ferrari took over as the lead manufacturer. However, due to regulation changes, the 500 was an F2 car guided by f2 rules. While being Handled by Alberto Ascari, the Ferrari had a track record of winning every race entered- the feats of Alpha two seasons. After two seasons, the rules changed back to F! Regulations, where it retired with a 100 % championship record and a 93% winning record in all the races it signed up for.

  • Ferrari F2002

Powered by a 3.0-liter v10 engine, 2002 has become among the most successful and popular cars designed in recent years. Scuderia Ferrari innovated the F2002 for the F1 championship in 2002, where the most capable team raced it in the first four races in 2003. This iconic car, driven by Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello, took both world titles after winning 15 races.

  • Lotus 72

This car set the foundation for Lotus from 1970 to 1975. During this time, the company continuously upgraded the vehicle before being replaced by the Lotus 1977. In the five years, the car managed to take home three constructor championships after winning more than 15 races. The car also got on the podium 30 times after winning two driver’s championships. It was a FORD V8 powered car that Colin Chapman and Marine Philipe innovated to race in the 1970 race. 

  • McLaren MP4/4

In the hands of Alain Prost, the V6 turbocharged engine was the best car in McLaren f1 history. The car was designed with a double wishbone suspension, carbon fiber honeycomb monocoque, and a 6-speed manual transmission. Despite only racing one season, the MP4/4 won 15 out of 16 prizes in 1988. It has been maintained as one of the best f1 cars.

  • WilliamsFW14/B

Driven by Mansell, in 1992, the Williams broke the record by winning nine races as they wrapped up the season’s drivers’ championship. This car was designed by Adrian Newey, with a special highlight of navy, white livery, and yellow. It was also among the most complicated vehicles ever created. A Renault v8 engine powers this machine, reaching up to 700hp at 12000 rpm.

  • RedBull RB 9

Designed in 2013 for the formula one race, it is by a great deal among the most iconic cars ever created. The RB9 was manufactured with a Renault power that produced over 750 hp. In the hands of Sebastian Vettel, the RB9 managed to score a Driver’s title, standing on the podium 13 times in the 2013 race. He was the first driver to win driving the Red Bull 9. This placed Vettel in a better position to secure four championships.

  • Mercedes F1 W07 Hybrid

This was the first ever winning model among the five cars presented for the F1 race by Mercedes Benz. The ERS system and an electric motor fueled Mercedes to their first Drivers’ and constructors’ titles. It was also their first hybrid-powered wheel. The W05 model, in 2014, managed to win 16 braces out of 19 possible races, 31 podiums, 12 fastest laps, and 18 pole positions. This is a respected car in the F1 car’s history.


The F1 race has opened up the motor industry to broad technology innovations. In addition to the innovations, race has greatly impacted the marketing of the automotive industry. There has yet to be an exact car ruled out as the best F1 car over the 70 years. However, the vehicles listed above, among many others, are all in contention for that title.

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