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How to Track the Success of Your Ads Using Icat Tracking

Icat tracking is a free tool that you can use to track your ads in I-Cat. It allows you to see what device they are using and where they are coming from. Do you want to know the results of your advertising campaigns? You can track the success of your ads using Icat tracking codes. Doing this gives you a clear picture of how successful or unsuccessful your ad campaigns are and allows you to tweak your campaign strategies accordingly. Icat is a free service that helps you monitor the performance of your ad campaigns by providing detailed information about clicks, impressions, and conversions.


It allows you to track all the details of your advertising campaigns. This includes where your clicks came from, where they went, and what kind of conversions you got. The Icat tracking software offers several useful features, including how many people saw your ad and when they did. This is very useful for determining the success of your ad. It also provides insights into how you can better improve your advertising.

How to use Icat to track conversions

The first step to using Icat is to enter your URL into the dashboard. This can be found under the “Add URL” tab. When the URL is entered, you can see all of the data Icat has collected on the page. You will then see what keywords were used, how many impressions were made, what keywords were most clicked, etc. WYouwill be taken to a new page to view the collected data. when you click on any keywords

Create a custom URL for tracking.

Its free version is a great place to start if you’re looking to monitor the success of your ads. You can use its analytics tool to see how many people clicked on your ad and what they did after. While it’s great for tracking, you must change your campaign’s URL to track it. To do so, enter a custom URL to the AdWords settings page

How to track performance using Icat

Tracking performance can be a very difficult task. While most companies are interested in measuring the effectiveness of their paid ads, most people don’t know how to measure the effectiveness of their organic marketing efforts.

Icat can help you with this, as it tracks every single click from a particular source.

Icat works by installing a code on your site. Once installed, it will start collecting data on your site’s traffic from all sources, including paid and organic.

Once you install Icat, you can check the following statistics:

Impressions – How many times has your ad been displayed on the target’s website

Clicks – How many times the target’s visitor clicked on the ad

Conversions – How many times has the target’s visitor bought something after clicking on your ad

Referral traffic – How many times have your ad-driven visitors to other sites

Track your ad performance.

Icat is a free service that helps you monitor the performance of your ad campaigns by providing detailed information about clicks, impressions, and conversions. You can also measure and compare the performance of your ads across different locations, channels, and platforms. This makes it easy to see which campaigns are working and which ones aren’t. While you can’t rely on Icat to give you an accurate picture of your ad performance, it can help you understand what’s happening when your ads run and how they perform.

How to create an ad with Icat

Icat is an online tool that helps advertisers and publishers measure the performance of ads. Icat uses Google Analytics’ internal data to create a comprehensive report on how many people have clicked on the link, how many of them clicked on the link, how many converted, and how much money each link costs. While it can be quite useful, Icat requires some work. This is why I have written this step-by-step tutorial on how to create an ad with Icat.

1. Create an account

Sign up for an Icat account, and fill in your contact details.

2. Select the website

Next, select the website that you wish to run the ads on.

3. Set up the ad

You can now choose whether to run the ad on a desktop or mobile.

4. Publish the ad

Now you can publish your ad.

5. Set up the tracking code

Once you’ve published your ad, you can add a tracking code.

To add the tracking code, click on the cog icon at the top of the page and click “add new code.”

Select “Google Adwords,” and then select “Ad Icat.”

The final step is to copy and paste the tracking code into the relevant section of the website.

Frequently Asked Questions Tracking

Q: How can I track if my ad was successful or not?

A: We recommend using Icat Tracking to know the success rate of your ads.

Q: How can I know if I have seen an ad?

A: If you ever receive a message from us about your ad, you have already seen it. If you don’t receive any news, you haven’t seen it yet.

Q: Do you have a tip for tracking your ads’ success?

A: The best way to track your ads is using the Google Ads 360 Planner. This tool will allow you to see which ads were most successful and which were not.

Top 3 Myths About Tracking

1. You must purchase Facebook ads to track.

2. You can’t buy Facebook ads without using them first.

3. You can’t use Google AdWords for tracking.


As a small business owner, you may already track your conversion rates using Google Analytics. This is a great way to keep track of your traffic and conversions, but I recommend Icat over GA. Icat has some advantages over GA that you may not have considered. The free version allows you to track up to 10 keywords.

This is enough to start, but you’ll want to upgrade to the paid version once you see positive results. When you set up Google Analytics, you must download a free plugin, and it takes a little time to set things up. Icat is easier to use. But with Icat, you open your account and go. And lastly, Icat allows you to track ad campaigns across devices. This means you can see your ads running on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices and sow well they perform.

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