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Autofest revs up vehicle enthusiasts

NEW ULM — The nineteenth annual Autofest had a robust displaying with over 300 registered vehicles on display at the Brown County Fairgrounds.

The variety of motors of the display range from huge to small, antique to new and come in each color of the rainbow.

On the small cease, Mike Holland of Blue Earth attended the show with a 1964 Morris Mini Truck. The vehicle is the dimensions of a Mini Coupe however has a truck formed the body. Holland said it’s miles the 6th the Mini he has owned and he constantly wanted the mini truck. He, in the end, found one in Brainerd, Minnesota.

For Craig Opel, the Autofest turned into a homecoming. He has lived all over the united states, however, graduated from New Ulm High School in 1962 and now lives in Eagan. Opel decided to attend the automobile show with his 1940 Chevy, which he owned on account that 1969.

The car, in the beginning, belonged to a friend he graduates with from New Ulm. The remaining time the Chevy turned into in New Ulm become in 1982 for his or her 20th High School Reunion. Opel had reminiscences of his excessive faculty buddies using up and down New Ulm Sunday afternoons. He said it becomes just like the film “American Graffiti.”

The Chevy has over two hundred,000 miles on it. Opel said the secret to power an automobile over 2 hundred,000 miles is to stay long sufficient to reach two hundred,000 miles.

Not every automobile has elderly as nicely, and for some, that is the point. Ken Lindberg of Lafayette delivered his “rat rods” to the display. The number one color on each motor was rust. One of the vehicles is a Frankenstein vehicle, crafted from the elements of two motors. The other is an exclusive sort of horror show, with a spider web design in the roof and steel skulls welded to the established.

Lindberg said he like the rat rod look, but the different benefit is he never has to wash the car.

Dennis Born brought conventional automobiles to the show: 1930 Model A Ford and a 1947 Ford Coupe. Born stated both automobiles are in running order except for the horn on the Model A no longer features, so he just yells “honk” out the window. The Coupe’s horn works, however, it’s miles unrestored and the black coat of paint is uneven. Born speculates it turned into at the start painted by a 12-year-old in a dark barn.

This year turned into a turn round from ultimate year’s. The 2018 Autofest turned into a hit by a heavy downpour and plenty of humans chose to live domestic. There become an early difficulty the storm could return this 12 months, however, the climate cooperated. The humidity becomes high early in the morning and round 10 a.M. The clouds grew to become dark and the winds accelerated. Several automobile owners began trying to find vehicle covers, however, the storm skirted by New Ulm and a fresh breeze alleviated the humidity.

Autofest chairperson Jesse Havemeier was thrilled with the weather and the turnout for the display. Autofest always brings in cars from throughout the country, however, this 12 months had new automobiles from locals.

“I am seeing automobiles from New Ulm I’ve never seen earlier than,” she said.

Of all the vehicles gift, Havemeier turned into most inspired with the 1930s snowmobile prototype. The automobile turned into in reality a modified Model-A Ford. The adjustments protected tank traits over the rear wheels and snow skis over the front wheels.

The antique snowmobile was from over again and every other season, however visitors to the Autofest liked seeing it and all of the different conventional vehicles. The Autofest is a risk to view automobile history and how some distance car innovation has traveled.

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