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Wealth Guru Plans Dutch-Style Car-Free Bicycle-Friendly City Near Boulder, Colorado

Wealth guru Pete Adeney has teamed up with a Netherlands-based urban design consultancy to waft the idea of a deliberate network in Colorado that could be car-loose and bicycle-friendly. Situated between Longmont and Boulder, the proposed community – provisionally called Cyclocroft – may be constructed in a one-rectangular-mile plot and turn out to be domestic to 50,000 people. “In sporadic times, builders have executed planned communities, but they nevertheless caught to the conventional Cars Allowed Everywhere model, which continues the prices excessive,” stated Adeney, who blogs as “Mr. Money Mustache.”


He enthused: “It’s now not till you get formidable enough to eliminate these security blankets and genuinely get human beings to decide to a brand new concept – which includes parking plenty only at the threshold of the one-mile metropolis – that you’ll see an extensively exceptional region spring up.” Adeney, a Canadian, runs on the idea with Amsterdam-primarily based B4place, a belongings development company run via Americans Tara Ross and John Giusto. “Pete wrote a weblog post multiple years in the past where he stated that he wanted to build an exquisite-compact place in North America with cycling and pedestrians ruling the roost, like inside the Netherlands,” stated Ross.

Elaine Howell
Elaine Howell
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