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Mod Max: Custom Cars Square Off on the Canadian International Auto Show

Approximately every gearhead in the world with the means to accomplish that has changed their vehicle in a few manner, shape, or shape. Whether it’s a baller set of rims, custom paintwork, or a hard and fast fuzzy cube, personalizing one’s car is a rite of passage for the maximum of us who are into cars. Visitors to this yr’s Canadian International Auto Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre may have a risk to view eight of the first-class custom rides thanks to an opposition called Custom Car Battlegrounds. This contest pitches modified motors opposing each other in a war for on-line recognition.

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Custom Car Battlegrounds is a cutting-edge idea from the creators of Tuner Battlegrounds. F fanatics can compete with their changed automobiles and vote for their favorite custom rides. Performance Auto & Sound Magazine (PASMAG) can celebrate these custom creations for the second year in a row. Gearheads taking element in this 12-month conflict have the opportunity to compete for a different chance to put their satisfaction and joy on show at the 2019 Canadian International Auto Show.

Rather than have a gaggle of hand-decided curators selecting the winners, Canada’s automotive enthusiast network – the show’s target market, fanatics, pals, and family – will decide who reigns preferred. By clicking a button through Facebook-enabled balloting or developing a new post with a delegated hashtag on Instagram or Twitter, the target market votes to select their favorite modified vehicles on display within the competition.

“The care and paintings that go into every custom construct is commendable, and those investing the time, effort, and money deserve some popularity for his or her work,” says Tim Rutledge, Publisher of PASMAG. “Bringing Tuner Battlegrounds to the AutoShow became immensely successful for our Canadian enthusiasts closing 12 months, and we’re excited to look at the competition for votes in our 2d yr as we launch Custom Car Battlegrounds.

Competitors will conflict it out over degrees to be crowned the 2019 CustomCar Battlegrounds: Auto Show champ. Stage 1 advances the pinnacle eight rides as voted by the net network among the dates of February fifteenth (10:30 AM) to February 18th (10:00 PM). The standard four might be voted on between February nineteenth and February twenty-first (same instances of the day), with the last two competitions duking it out starting at 10:30 AM on February twenty-second. Voting for the ultimate winner will run until February 24th at 2:00 PM.

Located in Castrol Alley on the seven-hundred degree of the south construction of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, the opposition places a $3500 coins award in the hands of the triumphing entry, plus passes to the AutoShow and runner-up prizes for the second one and 1/3 vicinity finishers of $1,000 and $500, respectively. That’ll buy a heckuva lot of fuzzy cubes. Be positive to test out the show-off and vote for your fave!

Elaine Howell
Elaine Howell
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