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Utah County guy ultimately restores 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

Editors observe: This is part of a chain at KSL.Com offering some of Utah’s coolest motors. Suppose you own a custom-designed automobile — from sports activities automobiles to semi-trucks — email vvo-duc@deseretdigital.Com with a photo of the vehicle and a quick description for attention. HIGHLAND — Like maximum conventional vehicle restorations, what became as soon a purpose full of enthusiasm shortly became placed on the lower back burner and became a story of “I’ll get to it later.”

Chevrolet Bel Air

Twenty years ago, Gil Moen III purchased a 1957 Chevy Bel Air with the wish of restoring it to its former glory and later enjoying that vehicle with his oldest son, Gil Moen IV. Last May, Gil Moen III acquired the news that no one desires to receive. He has been identified with stage four pancreatic cancers and changed into an eight to one-year stay.

After the diagnosis, his first mind was, “What about my vehicle? What approximately my dream?” Soon after his prognosis, friends Ryan Wendel and Dennis Palombo, who had just opened the doors to Phoenix Customs, their custom restoration and fabrication save in Mapleton, decided to step in and ensure his car was completed and drivable.

His principal worry was what would become of the car after he surpassed it. He worried approximately leaving such a good-sized mission and his spouse, Melissa Moen, and their four children to cope with. That motivates him to complete the automobile so his family would have something to preserve.

“I spoke to Dennis about supporting end Gil’s automobile,” Wendel stated. “Dennis and I both have sons of our personal and a love of vintage vehicles as Gil and his son proportion. We knew it’d suggest the arena to no longer most effective Gil but “Little Gil” (Gil’s oldest son) to have this vehicle performed. Having just opened their new shop, they knew the construct time might need to take location after hours and on weekends. This caused many long nights and further time in the store to complete this special automobile for their right buddy.

Dennis Palombo, Gil Moen III, Jim Bowlby, and Ryan Riding are pictured with the finished 1957 Bel Air. (Photo: Melissa Moen) Labor became supplied in most cases from Wendel and Palombo within the starting, but with his health permitting, the daddy and son periodically went to the store to help, which they may. When the car arrived, it became primer without paint, no indoors, and no longer ran. One night, Palombo and his son’s, Lane and Tyler Palombo, Wendel, and a friend Tyson Fiedler got the car sanded down and prepared for paint.

Moen III had initially planned on the car being painted satin black, as he wasn’t sure how the frame might appear with gloss black applied. After completing the bodywork, Wendel determined the Bel Air gloss black paint because of the fine paintings Moen III had put into the body. They went the mile to paint a deep shine by cutting and sharpening to make the paint seem as right as possible.

After the portrait was entire, Gil’s buddies, Jim Bowlby and Brian Riding, went down to the store to assist in getting all the wiring in place in addition to the final assembly. The group also took on the challenge of restoring and completing the auto indoors and ensuring it ran properly. “It becomes an honor actually to have Gil in our shop,” Wendel stated. “Despite his occasions, he always added a superb mindset, laughter and always became too excited to peer his automobile and his dream come real.”

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Michael “Jolly” Goodfellow has constantly appreciated oddball stuff. He has also usually preferred antique vans and automobile indicates, which makes his 1965 GMC Rescue excellent in shape. What became honestly outstanding turned into maximum hard work, and substances used were donated by using human beings involved with the build. The group even spoke to their paint provider, who generously donated all the paint and imports for the automobile.

The Bel Air changed into finished the primary week of December 2018, wherein Moen III could finally see his dream realized and take his prized vehicle out for power with his son Moen IV. Melissa Moen became particularly grateful for the kindness proven with the aid of friends and a circle of relatives who all worked to perform the undertaking. “It is stunning, and those pals are angels,” she said.

“Sadly, Gil is right down to his very last weeks. It is heartbreaking to witness. Moen IV is sixteen and has spent his entire lifestyle in our garage assisting his dad. However, the car is sincerely lovely and will be a valuable legacy.” The circle of relatives plans to keep on to the auto after Gil Moen III passes, which will be stored safely and pristine in an offsite storage facility. The automobile will function as a reminder of Gil Moen III’s lifestyle and could forever be known as “Gil’s Bel-Air.”

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