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Bullit Motorcycles In Gulf Oil Livery: Too Lovely

They certainly are cute!
As yet another in an extended line of motorcycles I wish had been to be had here inside the States, here is Belgium-based totally Bullit bikes. They’re producing a confined run of truly groovy little bikes in Gulf Oil livery. The marque will create 250 of the scrambler-style Hero and a hundred and fifty of the cafe-style Spirit, each wearing 125cc air-cooled engines under the traditional orange and powder blue Gulf colors.
Bullit’s figure employer, Maloof NV, and Gulf Oil have entered right into a partnership wherein Bullit will now not most effective use and advise Gulf oil merchandise of their bikes, however will even distribute Gulf oil products via their massive dealership community for the duration of Belgium, France, Portugal, Corsica and the United Kingdom.

Bullit UK Brand Manager, Henry Maplethorpe, says “Gulf Oil has over a hundred years of enjoyment and its products are trusted by hundreds of thousands of clients every day, so we’re very thrilled so one can provide our very own customers the possibility to purchase Gulf Motorcycle Oil thru our provider network.”

The confined edition bikes have upgraded a chunk from their barely-drabber brethren and every one comes with a commemorative watch. Bullit hasn’t released pricing for them yet. The unique Hero is priced at 2,999 euro (about $3400 USD) and the Spirit at 2,seven-hundred euro (about $3175 USD).
he bikes squeeze 11.5 (yes, eleven and a half) horsepower out of their air-cooled 125cc four-stroke motor, and each has a five-speed transmission to help stay in that tiny powerband. The 260-lb curb weight doesn’t hurt that any.

These adorable little motorcycles tend to do well in Europe as a result of their road system and geography as compared to ours – Europe is not as rife with interstates the way the US is, and a 125cc motorcycle would not do well in the US midwest where everyone does 70mph as a rule. Still, as a city bike, I think they’d do great with their massive gas mileage, lightweight, easy handling, low cost of entry, and searing adorableness. Alas, USDOT regulations are a hurdle.

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