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Morgan Stanley: Push to electric trucks and vehicles could be led via Amazon and different ‘megafleets’

Amazon’s intention of carbon neutrality will assist take electric automobiles “to the following degree” because the e-commerce giant has a massive fleet of vehicles, Morgan Stanley says.

“Amazon’s plans to have 50% of its journeys carbon impartial using 2030 implies a chief push in electric powered vans/shipping cars,” Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas stated in a observe Wednesday. “We suppose traders should put together for extra movements through mega fleets to remedy for sustainability.”


Jonas is widely identified on Wall Street as one of the first to notice the significance of Tesla and electric-powered automobiles to the automobile industry. He mentioned that Amazon’s carbon neutrality target follows its lead in a $700 million spherical of capital funding for electric-powered pickup truck and SUV maker Rivian. Jonas featured Rivian in multiple notes a closing week, calling the start-up “an extreme hassle for Detroit” and “the subsequent extreme competition for Tesla.”

Amazon’s plan calls for “an aggressive adoption” of electric vehicles, Jonas said, “which may penetrate mega fleet managers and logistics markets faster than the penetration of private/single-car possession models.”

“In our view, the ‘front line’ of sustainable propulsion structures could be fought in dense urban and suburban transport networks in which big, well-resourced, and technologically savvy companies handling fleets of potentially many millions of vehicles may be held to strict requirements of tailpipe emissions by using neighborhood/metropolitan governments,” Jonas introduced.

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