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Delhi startup CheckMyGaadi helps buyers examine used vehicles, desires to be the OYO of car servicing


If you’re an automobile owner, it’s miles in all likelihood that you had been worried about its renovation and/or restoration sooner or later. If you manifest to very own a second-hand car — which is what many Indians do, with the home used vehicle market anticipated to attain $75 billion by using 2023 — the issues are paramount.

OYO of car servicing

Questions together with a way to make certain that the car is not defective, how to pay the right rate for a used car, the way to discover an honest provider station, how not to spend a bomb on servicing a vintage automobile, and more would possibly have plagued you.CheckMyGaadi turned into conceived to help you discover answers to these questions and make your journey as a used-car owner convenient and hassle-free. The startup was founded in 2016 by Delhi-based totally entrepreneur Ram Jaiswal, who estimated organizing the domestic second-hand car protection market.

From one-time inspection to lengthy-time period renovation

It commenced as a pre-buy automobile inspection platform for human beings looking to shop for pre-owned motors; it even helped them arrive at the used car’s proper valuation. Two-plus years and nearly 3,000 automobile inspections later, CheckMyGaadi multiplied into the services side at the give-up of 2018.

It is now a one-stop servicing platform for a couple of automobile needs, from annual preservation and minor repairs to main replacements and routine servicing. Services are available for both used and new vehicles (although these are underneath assurance for the first couple of years).

With its accelerated product line, the startup hopes to supply extra comfort and greater comfort at fees “40-50 percent decrease than the industry fashionable”. Founder-CEO Ram says,

“Other provider companies rate relying on automobile and fuel variations. We have a flat fee starting at Rs 10,599, and it is the maximum value-effective solution within the market right now.”

Delhi startup CheckMyGaadi helps buyers examine used vehicles, desires to be the OYO of car servicing 2
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Delhi startup CheckMyGaadi helps buyers examine used vehicles, desires to be the OYO of car servicing 3