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Luxury Cars Bought For US$forty five 000 Sold For $1 500 RTGS In Huge Scandal At Mines Ministry

The Ministry of Mines and Mining Development is presently embroiled in a massive scandal after it turned into finding out that former permanent secretary Munesu Munodawafa connived with nine top administrators to buy high-priced cars from the Ministry for next to nothing.

Luxury Cars

According to the Zimbabwe Morning Post, the Ministry sold luxurious Isuzu KB250 Double Cab motors for the officials for US$45,632,00 each in real hard foreign money in September 2016. Barely two years later, the same vehicles have been bought to the administrators at a trifling price of $1 500 each paid for in RTGS.

A source who spoke to the Zim Morning Post stated,
According to the corporate governance manner, the automobiles have to have most effective been disposed of after 5 years and after a minimum of one hundred fifty 000 km mileage. Some of the directors within the scandal include D Makina, Julius Moyo, Munyonga (legal department), P Mugumbate, D Hawaii, and Singizi.

Munodawafa, who is now with the Ministry of Environment, changed into unreachable for comment.

Elaine Howell
Elaine Howell
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