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Triumph India To Enter Pre-Owned Motorcycle Business By August 2019

Triumph Motorcycles India has shown that it’ll be getting into the pre-owned bike enterprise in August 2019. The organization is presently chalking out a plan; however, it aims to start selling pre-owned Triumph motorcycles in the subsequent three-4 months. The British motorcycle manufacturer might exclusively sell Triumph motorcycles via its pre-owned business, which could be bought through its existing dealerships. The used bikes could be serviced and refurbished via Triumph, and they’ll additionally include an employer-subsidized guarantee scheme.


The business enterprise also aims to draw more clients to enroll in the Triumph family, thinking that the pre-owned bikes will come with a huge fee reduction. Decreasing the corporation access-degree charge point. In reality, speaking to us about the pricing method, Shoeb Farooq, General Manager, Triumph Motorcycles India, said, “a pre-owned Triumph bike that is everywhere around 2-three years antique will come with a rate discount of approximately 25 to 30 in step with cent. Bikes that might be older than five years can be much lesser.”

Regarding the guarantee scheme for pre-owned Triumph motorbikes, Farooq said the business enterprise is still running on a plan. Currently, a new Triumph bike comes with two years popular warranty and an optionally available two years of prolonged guarantee that covers unlimited kilometers. So, as of now, Triumph is considering offering a 1-yr- or 2-yr guarantee plan with its pre-owned bikes.

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