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Check Out The Top 10 Most Expensive Motorcycle Brands in the World 2021

Having the best and latest bike is great – but only if you can afford it. These days, our needs and wants are always increasing, which also puts pressure on our finances. There is no doubt that motorbike companies and their associated products have earned a name for themselves in terms of quality, durability and customer service. But when it comes to being extravagantly priced, bikes do not disappoint .

Most Expensive Motorcycle

For Most Expensive Motorcycle, there are few things more satisfying than the feeling of ownership. But for those with deep pockets, there are few feelings greater than owning a Maybach motorcycle. The price? From about $110,000 to over $1 million. Hate the phrase, ‘You just got to hand it to these guys,’? That would be a fair description of BMW Motorrad Americas’ $1 million motorcycle. Calling the Maybach 750 S (or Maybach 812, depending on which market you speak) an incredibly practical choice would be an understatement. The press release from BMW Motorrad Americas states, “The handcrafted, limited-edition model is based on the 750 Sport and is finished in a sporty black and silver design.

Best motorcycles for beginners

Motorcycles are a great alternative to cars for those who want to take the wheel and have a little more fun. The first time you hop on a motorcycle, it can be a bit daunting. The key to choosing a motorcycle for a beginner is finding a machine that’s easy to maneuver and offers a bit of power so it can get up to speed quickly. Motorcycles can be a great alternative to cars for those who want to take the wheel and have a little more fun. The first time you hop on a motorcycle, it can be a bit daunting. The key to choosing a motorcycle for a beginner is finding a machine that’s easy to maneuver and offers a bit of power so it can get up to speed quickly.

Great deals on motorcycles are being offered in the market these days. You might be asking, what can I get for the money? As a beginner, you don’t need anything fancy. In fact, you might want to stick with a cruiser bike that offers the best of both worlds – comfort and security.

List of Most Expensive Motorcycle Brands

This is a list of the most expensive motorcycle brands.


Lamborghini’s are some of the most expensive cars on the market. They range in price from one hundred thousand dollars to well over one million dollars. One person may not be able to afford one but they don’t have to worry because there are other luxury cars to choose from that are much cheaper. Most people buy Lamborghini’s because they want to say that they own the most expensive car in the world. Yamaha

Like Lamborghini’s, Yamaha’s are also very expensive. You can pay over one hundred thousand dollars for one of these bikes.


Ferrari is a Italian company which designs and manufactures luxury sports cars. Ferrari was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929 as Scuderia Ferrari, and became the company’s formal name in 1947. It is an Italian corporation that currently produces sports cars and engines.

Ferrari is the oldest surviving automobile brand. In 2018, Ferrari was rated the world’s most powerful brand by Brand Finance. The famous logo of the company is the symbol of a prancing horse on red background or white, and yellow colors.


The Yamaha Corporation has a rich history in a variety of industries, but is best known for producing a wide range of musical instruments. The company was founded in 1887 and quickly became one of the largest makers of woodwind instruments in the world. After experiencing financial difficulties in the mid-1970s, the company refocused on musical instruments and began producing stringed instruments, pianos, and even motorcycles. Yamaha still maintains its focus on music production, manufacturing a full line of acoustic, electric,


One of the most prestigious motorcycle brands in the world, Ducati produces some of the best motorcycle models including the Panigale 1299, the Hypermotard, and the Monster. The Ducati 1199 Panigale is one of the best motorcycle models, featuring an aggressive design that delivers high-performance that is ideal for serious bikers.

Davidson Harley

Davidson Harley is a motorcycle company. It was founded in 1916 and manufactures street bikes, racing motorcycles, and v-twin engines. The Davidson Brothers first opened a showroom on 48th Street in Los Angeles and later moved to larger quarters on 4th and Broadway. Despite having a limited production and export, the Davidson brothers wanted to make sure that their motorcycles were available to customers in America. Davidson Harley was eventually purchased by Polaris Industries in 2003 and is now a part of its Street motorcycles division. Ducati Monster

The Monster is a model of motorcycle made by Ducati. The name Monster was originally a nickname given to the bike by Ducati employees because of its power and design which was suitable for high-speed racing. After the brand name was legally transferred to Ducati, its new image was focused around being a symbol of the motorcycle lifestyle and excitement.


Honda is an automobile manufacturer that specializes in cars, motorcycles, engines, and other parts. The company was established on September 24, 1948, by Soichiro Honda. The headquarters of the company is located in Tokyo, Japan. Honda has had about 150 consecutive years of growth (prior to 2008) and currently exports to markets in Europe, East Asia, Oceania, North America, South America, and the Middle East. The U.S. and Canada market is the world’s largest market for Honda vehicles, accounting for one-third of global sales in 2013.

Harley-Davidson BMW

Harley-Davidson will expand their motorcycle operations with a new production facility in Thailand, according to a filing to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

In late January, Harley-Davidson announced plans to build the facility in Thailand in order to avoid the high tariffs that other countries have imposed on their products. In 2017, European Union imposed a 31% tariff on motorcycles made in the United States, while India levied a whopping 75% tariff on imports.


The most expensive motorcycle is a 1969 Harley Davidson. The owner, Max Findlay, has been restoring this bike for over three decades. Findlay bought the motorcycle for $6,500 from a farmer in 1981.

The most expensive motorcycle helmet is a customized Schuberth C3 that costs a whopping $1,899.99. The most expensive motorcycle in the world costs $2.16 million, and only a handful of people own this bike. World’s most expensive motorcycle

The world’s most expensive motorcycle is a 2005 BMW R1150R manufactured by BMW Motorrad. The company sells this bike for $2,285,200.00. The next most expensive motorcycle is a 1980 Ducati 900SS costing $1,690,000.

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