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Dunlop Introduces New Slicks For Small Displacement Road Race Motorcycles

Buffalo, NY: Dunlop has released a line of slick race tires for small displacement bikes. The all-new KR448 front and KR451 rear sizes are designed to work with small-displacement bikes within the 300 to 400cc range. The front a hundred and ten/70R17 is to be had in a further tender compound, and the rear a hundred and forty/70R17 is to be had in an extra tender and medium mix.

Dunlop Introduces New Slicks For Small Displacement Road Race Motorcycles 1

For the 2019 season, these tires can also be the Official Tires of the MotoAmerica Junior Cup Class. With the giant availability of small-displacement game motorcycles from motorbike manufacturers, the industry has seen a massive bump in club racing for small-displacement lessons. Dunlop elevated the KR448 and KR451 size range to help better those lessons, which might be made in Dunlop’s Buffalo production facility.

John Robinson, the Tire Design Engineer behind the venture, stated, “We have been looking for something to feature greater grip for the small bikes, and there have been several exhilaration about having a slick tire from the men at my nearby music in which I race my 300, so it regarded like there would be an extensive appeal for a small slick. We selected the 140/70 profile versus the one hundred fifty/60 after checking out because the shorter a hundred and fifty profile lacked the cornering clearance we desired for high lean angles.

Even though the one hundred forty is barely narrower than a hundred and fifty, the transitions are faster because of the peak, and in view that we patterned the profile after the 200/60, we were capable of getting a larger footprint at maximum lean with a hundred and forty/70.” To find approximately the brand new sizes supplied for the KR448 and KR451, visit Dunlop’s all-new internet site committed entirely to race tires at www.Dunlopracing.Com.

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