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Truck Industry Council amazed at heavy responsibility power

Heavy-duty van’s hero fame keeps the Truck Industry Council (TIC) singling out the phase as a wonderful performer in January. With total and section fall compared with last January’s minuscule, TIC points out that the month’s performance, at 2,196 units, became 51 cars shy of the all-time January income report of 2008.

“Coming off slowing sales within the final zone of 2018, it became anticipated that heavy truck sales could remain sluggish in 2019, but 769 heavy-duty vans have been offered, beating the January result of the last yr with the aid of 13 vehicles, up 1.7 percent,” the peak frame states.

“Compared with the document pre-GFC January of 2008, where 841 vans were bought, this 2019 result is down via approximately nine percent, displaying just how robust the marketplace became lower back then. That stated January 2019 Heavy income was the second high on the report.” A thumbs-up was given to the medium-responsibility section’s 440 units, although it has no expectancies of falling records there.

“This result is well short, 111 vehicles, or just over 20 percent, of the pleasant ever January deliveries of 551 medium vehicles carried out in 2008,” TIC says. “However, as TIC has mentioned previously, the MD segment is a shrinking marketplace, so it is not going that we can ever see new medium truck income rewriting the file books.” Light-responsibility vehicles and light-duty trucks both set information in recent January. TIC sees an income cycle weighing on light trucks, with vans rebounding to 396 gadgets, just seven up on the previous January.

TIC CEO Tony McMullan is conservative on the primary month’s figures. “January became a sturdy start to the 12 months, almost as good as January 2018, 12 months that of the route went directly to set a brand new all-time file for brand new truck income in Australia,” McMullan says. “It was very captivating to look at this type of strong start to the yr for the Heavy and Medium Duty truck segments, both up on January 2018 outcomes and a reversal of the slowing visible in these segments in the final area of 2018.

“However, as I normally state at this time of year, January and even February sales are issues to fluctuations and a few inconsistencies due to the transition of presenting vans from twelve months to the next and the summer excursion season. “One ought to now not examine too much into the January result. “We could have a miles better indication of ways the marketplace is monitoring for the year on the cease of the first quarter, as soon as January, February, and March numbers are in, and the market has had the threat to normalize.”

Elaine Howell
Elaine Howell
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