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Demonstration in opposition to luxurious vehicle tax postponed to March 7

The proposed demonstration by six corporations in opposition to the luxurious vehicle tax these days (Tuesday, February 19) has been postponed to March 7. About 2,000 costly automobile proprietors have been predicted to participate in the demonstration using their automobiles at the Ministry of Finance, Parliament House, and the Golden Jubilee House premises. The rally changed scheduled to begin at eight am from the Obra Spot through Kwame Nkrumah Avenue to Frisco Traffic light thru to TUC earlier than using the stated establishments’ premises.

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The six companies are the Vehicle and Asset Dealers Association of Ghana (VADAG), the National Concerned Spare Parts Dealers Association, the True Drivers Union, the Concerned Drivers Association, the Ghana Committed Drivers Association, and the Chamber of Petroleum Consumers. The institution’s Chairman, Mr. Eric K. Boateng, who confirmed the cancellation of the demonstration to Graphic Online, stated the cancellation was arrived at following a policy meeting.

He explained that the police counseled that the large number of cars taking part in the demonstration wit’sld motivate vehicular visitors in the capital, subsequently, the need to restructure their plan. He, however, said the management of the institution met on Monday, February 18, 2019, to discuss the way forward, and they agreed that on March 7, the demonstration might be accomplished across all of the nearby capitals, wherein they will present their petitions to the diverse Regional Coordinating Councils.

Mr. Boateng, also the Chairman of VADAG, stated the luxury automobile tax changed into collapsing their companies as human beings arenaren’t greater shopping for automobiles, and those offered already are being lowered back. “Tho”e we’vwe’ve provided to them are returning them (the vehicles),” he” stated, including that “We “ill visit take our independence from Ken Ofori Attah.” Ac”ording to him, many people buy vehicles with such engine capacity because of the terrible roads in the unAmerica’sted states.

Mr. Boateng questioned why authorities would buy logo cars with engine sizes 3. Zero and above as luxury without contemplating different additives of the vehicles. He stated this tax “has” never happened in our history before, and that is why we also want to try this ancient demonstration in opposition to the government.” In”July 2018, the Minister of Finance, Mr. Ken Ofori Atta, in the mid-year price range overview, announced the imposition of a luxurious car import tax as part of a new policy to raise more sales.

He stated the tax could be imposed on luxurious automobiles with the potential of 3. Zero liters and above. The implementation of the luxury automobile regulation started on August 1 after Parliament passed it to impose an annual levy on cars with high engine capacities after it became proposed with the authauthorities’. With the legilegislators’roval for its implementation, vehicles with engine potential of 2950 to 3549 Cubic Centimetres have been required to pay a levy of GH¢1,000, while those with engines among three 550 to 4049 cubic centimeters could pay GH¢1,500.

Vehicles with engine capacities above 4049cc have also been obliged to pay GH¢2,000. The vehicle owner would pay the levy at the vehicle registration, and finally, on or before the yearly renewal of the roadworthy certificates every 12 months to the DVLA, the body authorized by way of regulation to acquire the levy on behalf of the authorities.

Although the levy has been imposed on vehicles with the listed cubic centimeters present before the passage of the regulation, exempt from the levy are automobiles which include tractors, ambulances; business automobiles that can move greater than ten individuals, business automobiles for the shipping of goods among others.

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