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For Car Week, hints on heading off visitors snarls and a plea to focus on the good stuff


The numbers are rounded off and a chunk dated—from a 2014 survey—but wonderful. During Car Week, 85,000 people crowd into the peninsula. Collectively, they shell out some $ fifty-three.Five million on food, shopping, and motel rooms. Their life generates $four—eight million in taxes.

The figures are covered within the Monterey County Convention and Visitors Bureau records kit posted earlier of Car Week. The bureau provides an interactive map, an agenda of events, and other data to seemonterey.Com/carweektravel to assist human beings in discovering activities and avoiding snarls on the road.

Car Week

“This is going to be very beneficial,” District 5 County Supervisor Mary Adams said at a media roundtable on July 26, as she glanced over the records at the same time as referring to out-of-county traffic. “When they go away the peninsula and are stuck in site visitors, they’ll take into account the good things.”

MCCVB would love greater citizens to consider the positives, as nicely. Yet the declaration changed into a caveat: traffic congestion isn’t a problem that may be solved. The bureau can best combat visitors with records, figures, and guidelines.

The packet—” Your Guide to Navigating Car Week 2018”—info street closures and hints for getting the right of entry to routes, parking, and other important facts. MCCVB posted the package, supposed to carry interest to sources on paper and on-line to be had to visitors and neighborhood citizens, changed into posted in advance than in previous years.

“Not every person loves motors,” determined Tammy Blount-Canavan, President and CEO of the bureau. “The first-class component we will do is allow human beings to understand while to watch for that congestion.”

There are recommendations to lessen the complications, some of them practical, others greater hopeful. Among the sensible guidelines: county and MCCVB officials encourage extra use of public transportation during Car Week. Also, they urge humans to be aware of the area of activities and start and stop times. In other words, to realize while and wherein site visitors may be pouring onto roads.

For instance, on Thursday, Aug. 23, Carmel hosts a Tour d’Elegance eleven:30am-2 pm that shuts down Ocean Avenue. Bonham’s auction inventory is on display at Quail Lodge close to Carmel Valley 9 am-6 pm. The Mecum and Russo and Steele auctions get underway in Monterey. Mecum’s event ends at 5 pm. Russo and Steele bang their first gavel around the same time. Likewise, there is an RM Sotheby’s preview at the Monterey Conference Center 10 am-8 pm, taking on the part of Del Monte. In Pacific Grove, the Worldwide Auctioneers event starts at 5 pm. And that’s just a part of the listing.

“As Car Week has grown, the conversation is greater important,” explained Brad Littlefield, public members of the family manager for WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca.

The manual points out, for instance, that loose standard parking for Mecum is on the Del Monte Golf Course. For Russo and Steele, the manual suggests riding the loose trolley or taking walks on the recreation path.

The on-line interactive maps are part of that attempt.

“I understand how tough it’s miles,” said Holly Zoller, CEO of the Carmel Foundation. “Some of us ought to go to work. This way, you could plot your direction.”

Among the more hopeful guidelines? Adams pointed out that employers might be greater flexibility with work schedules, allowing personnel to stagger their hours in line with the Car Week agenda.

In the long run, the county and the site visitors bureau hopes that imparting get admission to information in printed packets and on-line will purpose human beings to awareness on the benefits of Car Week—the millions spent in neighborhood companies and the prestige of the events—instead of the crawling commutes.

“Our location has modified in tremendous and bad ways,” Adams said. “To alternate human beings’ minds, the handiest manner to do it’s miles offer records. And there’s a ton of exact information right here.”

For Car Week, hints on heading off visitors snarls and a plea to focus on the good stuff 2
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For Car Week, hints on heading off visitors snarls and a plea to focus on the good stuff 3