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Winter Weather Guide: Driving recommendations, getting your automobile equipped, plus the Snow Day Calculator

Winter is here and we want to make sure you have the whole thing you need to get thru the season.

Follow our Winter Weather Survival Guide, under:

GETTING YOU ROAD-READY: Are you and your vehicle equipped for the snowy, icy roads? Here are recommendations to keep you secure:

Check your battery, tire tread and pressure, windshield wipers and antifreeze
Carry emergency substances like flashlights, a shovel, jumper cables, blankets and an ice scraper
Keep your fuel tank full
Don’t drive the usage of cruise manage
Slow down and permit plenty of distance in the front of you
Don’t rush. Check climate and traffic situations in advance of time and depart early if important
(Courtesy: Ohio State Highway Patrol)

WINTERIZE YOUR CAR: Before you leave the residence, you might need to double test your car for the following items:

Mobile phone, charger, batteries
Blankets/snoozing baggage
Flashlight with greater batteries
First Aid kit
High-calorie, non-perishable meals
Extra garb to preserve dry
Large empty can apply as an emergency toilet, tissues and paper towels for sanitary functions
Small can and water-resistant matches to soften snow for ingesting water
Sack of sand or cat muddle for traction
Windshield scraper and brush
Tool package
Tow Rope
Battery booster cables
Water box
Candle and fits to offer light and in an emergency, lifesaving warmth
Compass and road maps; don’t depend on cellular gadgets with constrained battery lifestyles

DRIVING TIPS: Ohio.Gov offers the subsequent guidelines for drivers who have to exit in the slippery weather:

Speed and Distance – The faster you’re going, the longer it’s going to take to forestall. When accelerating on snow or ice, take it sluggish to avoid slipping and sliding.

Limited Visibility – Stay attentive and decrease speed. Know what’s taking place round you.

Brake – Brake early, brake slowly, brake efficaciously, and by no means slam on the brakes. If you have got anti-lock brakes, press the pedal down firmly and keep it. If you don’t have anti-lock brakes, gently pump the pedal. Either way, deliver yourself masses of room to prevent..

Control – When driving on ice and snow, do now not use cruise manage and keep away from abrupt guidance maneuvers. When merging into site visitors, take it gradual. Sudden moves can purpose your automobile to slip.

1 killed in chain reaction crash involving at least thirteen accidents in Canton; U.S. 30 closed

Vision – Be privy to what’s taking place properly ahead of you. Actions via other motors will provide you with a warning to issues more quickly, and provide you with that break up-2nd of greater time to react properly.

SNOW DAYS: FOX 8 is your professional college closing station. You listen us say that each wintry weather, however what does it mean?

It manner you may assume us to bring you closings and delays first in several special methods:

Right here on FOX8.Com
On our FOX eight App
New this year: the exclusive FOX eight pinpoint school closing map. In only a look, see what elements of the viewing region are closing colleges and what elements aren’t.
You also can be the first to realize when your child’s college closes for the day through having a text alert despatched right to your phone.

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