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Custom-painted model train vehicles stolen

Eleven custom-painted version railroad freight cars were among objects stolen at some stage in an auto housebreaking in Point Richmond on Saturday. Butch Eyler of Biglerville, PA., came to Richmond this weekend to attend a model teach show at St. David School. Tyler is an artist and founding father of TheWeatheringShop.Com, who focuses on recreating educational fashions from prototype pix. He travels the nation to version educate shows to show the models, communicate about strategies and participate in clinics on something railroad associated.


On Saturday night, an otherwise wonderful go to Richmond ended extraordinarily. While dining at the Up & Under Grill on W. Richmond Avenue, one or more thieves smashed the window of his rented truck and made it off with a bag containing 11 version railroad freight motors, a terabyte pressure, and other small objects. Tyler stated he’d mentioned the incident to the police. The incident has additionally been mentioned to interest stores and railroad museums. It has been spreading on social media that a person can discover and return the models.

“It’s been fantastic the response and help I’ve got from this,” Eyler said. “There’s even a $700 reward published for his or her return.” Tyler is currently in the Seattle traveling circle of relatives. He says he’s “nonetheless in shock that they’re gone.” “It’s a hobby I experience…I can see the handiest desire that a person will turn them, and I can get them back,” he said. Anyone with information on these trains’ whereabouts, please contact us at newstips@richmondstandard.Com so we may join you with their rightful proprietor.

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