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New In Town: Cruise Custom Golf Cars

Business evaluation: Cruise Custom Golf Cars gives luxurious club automobiles for sale or change. The vehicles are customizable, allowing owners to feature desired add-ons like stereos, wraps, and custom colorings or tires. The enterprise also offers to service of golfing vehicles. Owners/operators and their background: Cruise Custom Golf Cars is a subsidiary of Nebraska Harvestore in Norfolk, owned and operated by Rick and Kelly Meysenburg. Cruise Custom Golf Cars might be managed through the Meysenburgs’ sons, Luke Kruse and Zach Kruse.

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Luke labored at the Norfolk Country Club in excessive school and throughout his first part of the university. After university, he struggled with the Nebraska Golf Association, journeying worldwide to run beginner tournaments. He then worked in mortgage lending in Omaha, Lincoln, Denver, and Las Vegas earlier than returning to Norfolk to work for his stepfather at Nebraska Harvestore.

Zach said he had been gambling and golfing because he changed into seven year antique. He went to Norfolk High School and Northeast Community College before shifting to Kansas City, Mo., and working inside the golf enterprise for over nine years. “We’ve continually loved golfing,” Zach said. “Our grandma used to drop us off at Kelly’s Country Club in the summers on her way to paintings inside the morning, and he or she’d pick us up at lunchtime,” Luke added. “It usually clicked with us.” Hours of operation: eight a.M. Until 5 p.M. Monday through Friday; Saturdays via appointment

Number employed: Six.

When did the commercial enterprise open? June 7

Why did you decide to open this commercial enterprise? With discern organization Nebraska Harvestore focusing heavily on agriculture-related equipment, the Kruse’s wanted to diversify. With their history inside the golfing industry, the Kruse’s said, branching out into the vicinity of golf vehicles was regarded like a verbal match.

“It shapes our model, so we may want to diversify out of the ag market,” Luke said. “We had a huge construction that wasn’t being applied, and it was easy to upkeep. …We had the interest in golf, and we had the mechanics, and it in shape in.” Zach introduced that they want a nearby golf automobile supplier and servicer changed into developing inside the area, and the commercial enterprise’s addition to the network healthy a niche.

“There is a want for it around right here. If you go searching here — on the individuals at Fairplay, El Dorado, Kelly’s, all of the surrounding golf publications — most people of the contributors personal their golf motors accessible,” he stated. “Everything is going online now, and you must tour Iowa or South Dakota. To have something local and to be membership automobile certified, there has been a need obtainable for it.”

What are you maximum excited about regarding your new commercial enterprise? The brothers stated they are excited to be returned to the golfing industry and to be in on the beginning of the business, which has incorporated competencies of every of the own family members, along with their sister, who is in the price of the commercial enterprise’ social media and online presence. They also are enthusiastic about seeing the equipment they promote in the golf direction.

The benefit of a custom cover is that you understand that the body will be healthy for your car and shape nicely. This is in comparison to the generic cowl. The familiar cowl is one size to match all motors, irrespective of how big or small. This approach is that the duvet may be grossly big or very tight and sick-becoming. The result regularly is that the protection supplied is minimum. On the other hand, custom covers will maximize the safety presented due to their ideal match. There can be no left exposed areas peeking out or space for something unwanted to creep in uninvited.

Furthermore, the custom cowl acts as a protection shield for the auto. Sadly, numerous shady, snooping people loitered inside the streets at night. They check out motors for ‘capacity targets.’ If your automobile is covered with a custom cowl, there’s no way for them to pry into your car, and they’ll abandon it. Your car is consequently thief-evidence when covered with a custom cover.

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