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Days Gone Drifter Bike Guide

While out on an adventure in Days Gone, Deacon can usually rely upon his trusty Drifter Bike to take him from one point to another. However, you want to attend to your motorbike to preserve it going. Now and then, you’ll require to refuel your motorbike or do some upkeep. In addition to this, you could additionally customize your motorbike to your liking. In this Days Gone Guide, we’ve targeted the whole thing you want to understand about Deacon’s Drifter bike.

Days Gone Drifter Bike Guide


Before we start, it’s critical to study the controls that you’ll want to use to function the motorbike:

Move: Left Analog Stick
Toggle Survival Wheel: Right Analog Stick
Survival Wheel: Press and Hold L1
Break/Reverse: Press and Hold L2
Use Weapon: R1
Axel: Press and Hold R2
Drift: N/A
Boost: N/A
Get On / Get Off: N/A

Fuel Management and Refueling

Just because you’ve were given a bike for transportation doesn’t imply that each one of your issues might be solved. Your motorbike runs on fuel, and your gas will run out.

When you’re stepping your foot forward to move on a journey, you’ve to ensure which you’ll face as few obstacles as you can.

Firstly, you want to check if your gasoline tank is complete or now not. To take a look at that, you’ve to move close to your vehicle, and you’ll see the gas percentage this is left to your bike. If it’s less, seek a close-by gas station.

If the fuel station is near, take your bike to it and refill your tank. You can always test how a lot of gasoline you’ve while you’re riding. Near the arena map, you must be capable of seeing an icon of the Gas Station.

If the icon is yellow, it’s a threat sign since it method by which you’re strolling low on gas, and at any factor, you’ll be left stranded along with your bike.

You can usually look for a red canister if you don’t have enough gasoline to take your motorbike to the gasoline station. You can take the canister when you locate it for your motorcycle and refill your tank.

Sadly, we are able to’t convey the canister with us. If you’ve enough cash, you could also buy fuel from the mechanic. Use this approach if you may’t see every other manner in view that this technique requires cash. The mechanic can also do the tuning of your bike.

If your Trust Level is above 1 or 2, you could also use your credits to get a better capacity tank to store greater fuel.
Drifter Bike Upgrades

As referred to earlier, the Drifter Bike in Days Gone is customizable. When needed, some improvements will help you in editing the bike. The enhancements are to modify the capacity in addition to the seems of your motorbike.

However, most of these upgrades require a certain Trust Level that you’ve to obtain. Trust Level has nothing to do together with your points and has a lot to do closer to your NPCs attitude.

You’ve to provide the NPCs with supplies and Freaker Ears to benefit your Trust Levels, and only then will you be able to buy the upgrades. Drifter Bike Upgrades are done when you visit the mechanics.

The upgrades are divided into 3 classes. The categories with the improvements in them are indexed down under:

Performance Upgrades

The Performance Upgrades will make your motorbike quicker, add extra capacity with space in it, and make it extra immune to damage. For the above talents, the improvements you require are:


It will make your bike quicker. Only one era of improvement is to be had.

Fuel Tank

It’ll increase your gas tank’s ability so that it shops more fuel and takes you to far locations without preventing and looking for a canister or a gas station. Two generations of the upgrade are available.

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