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Now, arrive in style in ‘rented’ luxury vehicles for your wedding ceremony

Getting hitched quickly? Why not shift gears and ‘hitch a journey to the wedding venue in a complex car to turn a few heads? With Audi’s likes, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Jeep, and Jaguar just a booking away, many couples are opting to avail themselves of those options.

So, at your provider are vehicle rental businesses inside the town equipped to chauffeur you right down to your nuptial. “Nine out of 10 times, it’s greater approximately the ceremony at the crucial day than comfort. For many, it’s fulfillment of want to reach at their wedding ceremony in style. At the same time, you are the cynosure of all eyes,” says Anoop Jacob, a tour operator of Apple Cars at Kumarapuram. The car condo provider has in its stables Audi, BMW, Jaguar, even as it additionally “resources” Range Rover for clients on request. Anoop says. However, the corporation keeps some premium vehicles beneath its direct ownership, depending on demand and purchaser choice, the enterprise “borrows motors” from within the proprietor’s “friend’s circle.”

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Santhosh Kumar, the owner of Darshan Holidays, who has been inside the commercial enterprise for over 14 years, says he maintains a fleet of approximately 17 luxurious automobiles that he “rolls” across his offices in the State. “When not rented out, we take the motors for personal use as opposed to preserving it parked inside the storage. That manner, the motors are maintained in strolling condition all of the time for any short bookings,” says Santhosh.

Since such top-rate motors are steeply-priced, owners are averse to taking undesirable dangers. “For luxurious vehicles, even a minor frame contact-up could make you dig deep into your wallet. Long-term rough dealing with also can create troubles on the engineering side that show quite costly to repair,” says Jishnu Shankar, operations personnel at Southgate Travels at Kunnukuzhy. So the organizations mandatorily provide their personal expert drivers as a part of the package deal. It’s a “win-win association,” as this also lays total responsibility for any damages incurred for the duration of a carrier in the apartment company, cushioning clients from any legal responsibility.

One partial exception will be the unavoidable floral decoration on the car if it’s far going to be used on the wedding day.

“Floral decorations nowadays are stored minimum, and we insist on using most effective vacuum fixtures of bouquets on the auto frame, which can be eliminated without leaving any stain or scratches. We offer that along with the package deal for an additional price. Use of stickers, tapes, and glue are strictly disallowed, and some of these motors also are ceramic-covered to save you scratches,” says Sujesh Anspaul, owner of Wheel Man Tours and Travels at PMG.

Despite a huge range of picks, the Audi series appears to be popular. “Perhaps, that’s due to the fact Audi is deemed to be more photogenic. Jaguar arguably has a more masculine appeal, while BMW is more sporty. So for a formal occasion like a wedding, Audi suits the bill flawlessly,” feels Anoop. But Sujesh disagrees. He observes that the Merc is quite sought-after amongst people from West Asia. Apart from the transportation issue, luxurious vehicles additionally enhance the glam quotient of wedding photograph-shoots, they point out.

Bookings may be made after checking the availability of a preferred automobile. Rates range depending on cars, availability, whether it’s ‘wedding ceremony season’ or now not, and fuel costs are frequently covered in the apartment costs that usually paintings on the premise of packages.

For certain “high-profile” weddings, mass bookings for multiple days are the norm. “On such events, in particular when the patron is a famous character, we rent the automobiles on extraordinary terms and conditions as they’ll now not need our drivers,” says Siras M, proprietor of Sree Tours in Kumarapuram.

Customers say they do no longer mind “splurging a bit” for an occasion “that occurs handiest as soon as in someone’s life.” Like, Nikhil Ravindran, a techie from Kazhakoottam, who had booked a white Audi A5 for his brother’s wedding more than one month back. “We have a Honda Amaze, but my brother, Aghil Ravindran, working in Bengaluru, became keen on an Audi,” he says.

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