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5 approaches to discover a bike within the Netherlands

So, you’ve just arrived in the Netherlands, or maybe you have got been right here a while, and you have noticed that biking is pretty a whole lot the primary mode of shipping on this small country. But wherein can you discover your very own set of wheels? Here are 5 alternatives to help get you cell.

1. Go for your local motorbike store
This might be the most apparent option, albeit perhaps no longer the maximum fee powerful. Every Dutch metropolis and city may have one, if now not many, motorbike stores. Bike shops generally tend to promote a mixture of recent, 2nd-hand and refurbished motorcycles. And you in no way recognize, maybe they’ve an extremely good deal and you locate the ideal bike.

The price of a motorbike at a store tends to be dependant on the town, and the sort of motorbike you want. A easy bike with out gears will cost you a great deal much less than a racing motorcycle, of route. E-motorcycles are getting extraordinarily famous inside the Netherlands; but, they come with a rather big fee tag.

Just a tip, generally bike shops have a repairs phase, so in case your tyre receives punctured or your brakes need changing, simply pop on over to restore those troubles. Prices for repairs vary per store, so it’s a terrific idea to compare shops earlier than you select the only you need your motorcycle to get repaired at.

2. Browse Marktplaats
Marktplaats is essentially the Dutch Ebay. You can discover almost some thing in this website / app, from cars to clogs. You’ll locate dozens of 2nd-hand bikes in this website. Make sure you do not forget to add your seek radius- nothing worse than finding the proper motorbike, only to locate that you have to journey the duration of the usa to select it up.

Also be conscious that a few bikes on the website may also have matters that want fixing, pleasant to check what these are first, as solving your bike might cost simply as tons as the acquisition fee. It goes with out saying, that if you purchase some thing from the net and go to pick out it up, you should be cautious and allow someone recognize wherein you are going and many others. Earlier than you adventure to get your new bike.

Three. Try looking on Facebook groups
Increase your probabilities of finding a motorbike through turning into a member of numerous “selling / shopping for a bike in…” Facebook organizations. The first-rate time to find a bike on those agencies is in the course of August and January, as that is when many international college students finish their research and may be promoting their stuff before leaving the Netherlands.

Facebook agencies are first-rate for finding a motorcycle, but make certain you check the motorbike out first before purchasing it. Another aspect is, no person regulates the expenses, so that you may also find an tremendous bike cheap, but you also are probably to stumble upon hunks of junk for extortionate charges.

Again, stay secure when assembly up with someone from the net and consider, if a deal is just too good to be real, it probable is: 20 euros for a new race bike? Either that is a rip-off, or a person is trying to do away with a stolen bike, which, if you purchase, you are then accountable for. It’s high-quality to avoid entering into trouble with the police. If the bike deal sounds shady, simply don’t buy it!

4. Get a 2nd-hand motorbike from the municipality
Some Dutch municipalities keep a normal sale of all the unclaimed motorcycles left at depots within the metropolis. This isn’t actual for all municipalities but, as some will promote the antique, unclaimed motorcycles to groups inclined to refurbish them. Of path, in case your municipality does no longer immediately promote its unclaimed bikes, you may continually buy one thru the company refurbishing them.

At a few municipalities, there are even motorcycle sales wherein citizens who have had their motorcycles stolen, and feature said this to the police, have the threat to buy a reasonably-priced second-hand motorbike before other citizens. Buying a bike from a municipality is a good concept, as you understand for certain that it has now not been stolen.

So, be sure to check your municipality’s internet site to see whether or not they promote the unclaimed bicycles on the motorbike depot or whether they’re refurbished and bought through another business enterprise. One tip: if there’s a municipal bicycle sale, get there early! Otherwise, whilst you turn up, all the suitable bikes can be long past.

Five. Consult your colleagues and noticeboards
Lastly, it might be a terrific idea to seek advice from your colleagues. Your colleagues may have lived in the city you’ve got simply moved to for some time and will consequently probably both know the excellent location to get a bike, may additionally have a spare one, or know a person who is promoting theirs.

Failing this, you could attempt the message board at your local supermarket, gymnasium or college. There you’ll discover a smorgasbord of adverts, and in case you’re fortunate, a bicycle that you love.

Words of warning
Don’t, we repeat, don’t purchase a bike from a stranger on the street providing it to you for 10 euros. That bike is very in all likelihood / certainly stolen and also you buying it method you are buying stolen goods, that is illegal. Don’t join up with someone to buy their motorbike in the event that they seem shady to you. If you do meet up with a person, allow your friends / a person know and / or take a person with you.

Of direction, shopping for a motorcycle isn’t all doom and gloom, it’s certainly a fun experience, but it’s suitable to hold those words of caution in mind. Good success!

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